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BMW Recalls Over 1 Million Vehicles Globally Due to Engine Fire Risk

This is the third recall since 2017.

BMW is reportedly rolling back over a million of its vehicles all over the world. The German automaking company made the rollback announcement on Wednesday which is the third recall done by the company related to the same issue since the year 2017.

The reason for the recalls is reportedly engine fire risk and multiple older models are on the list to be recalled. Here are more details about the recall:

Why the Recall?

BMW announced the recall of more than one million automobiles due to an engine fire risk. According to the automaking company, the models that are on the recall list come with a faulty engine ventilation system. According to the company, such a faulty ventilation system could lead to overheating and tremendously increase the risk of a fire breaking out in the car.

A document was posted by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Wednesday that said that there are chances of an electrical short occurring in the crankcase ventilation valve heater which can lead to overheating or worse, breaking out a fire.

According to BMW, the risk of fire occurs when the cars are being driven or as soon as they are parked after a drive. But the car company also added that such faulty vehicles can still be driven by people and do not have to be parked outdoors since the cases of fire breaking out have been rare. However, when asked if such rare cases of fire breaking out have spread to nearby buildings, the automaker gave no replies.

The company has warned drivers that if they smell burning plastic or witness any kind of smoke from the parts of the engine compartment then they should pull over the vehicle to a safe location as soon as possible and shut off the engine quickly and immediately step out of the vehicle.

What Are the Models Being Recalled?

There are multiple models on the list that are being recalled, and some of these models were part of the previous recalls as well. More than 917, 000 old cars and SUVs are being recalled in the United States.

The recall constitutes multiple 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, X3, X4, and Z4 vehicles. The models being recalled were made between the years 2006 and 2013. Most of these models were part of the previous recalls as well as multiple vehicles that were repaired under the previous recalls need a new fix.

As for the fix, BMW is still working on it. According to a BMW spokesperson in the U.S., Jay Hanson said that the remedy for the issue and inventory for sufficient parts are expected for mid-2022. The owners of such vehicles will be notified through a letter from 25th April.



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