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Blake Bortles Or Teddy Bridgewater On the Fantasy Football Waiver Wire

Fantasy Football’s week 4 waiver wire offers up yet another opportunity and dilemma. Two starting QBs will hit the wire this week and whether you have a QB on bye or need a boost, both are appealing. But which of these two rookies do you hedge your bets on?

[adinserter block=”1″]The waiver wire is a funny thing. It’s easy to tell you to go out and get this guy because he is a starter. Yet what casual players don’t realize is that when you are investing a pick, a spot, or money on a player you are also giving up a pick, a spot, and bidding money on another. That is why you need to choose your wire picks carefully, especially when you have two guys available at the same position.

Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles could make your life easier or tougher depending upon how badly you need a QB. If you need one, you will be going after one of these two guys. If you don’t, you may take a shot if you want to gamble. I can’t see any scenario where you would take either of these two guys as a starter in a 10-man league. You may have no other choice in deeper leagues. So which do you grab?

Blake Bortles was the third pick in the draft and is regarded by many as a future star in the NFL. He has all of the tools to make for a great franchise QB for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bortles has been named the starter the rest of the way by the Jags. There is absolutely zero threat to Bortles losing his job in Jacksonville barring an injury.

Teddy Bridgewater slipped a bit in the draft and fell to the Minnesota Vikings with the second pick in the draft. Bridgewater comes from a pro-style offense and is arguably more NFL-ready than Bortles. His mobility and footwork are fantastic and can be a killer if the Vikings utilize the read option. I don’t believe that Bridgewater’s job is as secure as Bortles once Cassel is back from injury.

Bortles has much better talent around him than Bridgwater does. Bortles has a highly underrated group of young wide receivers around him while Bridgewater has Cordarrelle Patterson and nothing else. I would argue that Bridgewater has a much better line yet neither team has any real threat of a running attack (assuming Adrian Peterson doesn’t return). The line in Jacksonville presents a rough situation for Bortles.

While I think Bortles is more talented than Bridgewater, I think Bridgewater is going to put up better fantasy stays. You could see already that Norv Turner has implemented a very run-friendly playbook for Bridgewater. Bridgewater immediately came in and was executing designed runs. My hunch is that Norv will employ a heavy playbook of runs and read options for Bridgewater throughout the season, allowing him the offseason to develop more into a pocket passer.

[adinserter block=”2″]As far as the schedules go I think that Bridgewater has the easier schedule for the next eight weeks or so while Bortles schedule is a lot tougher throughout the season. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Those rough outings could turn into a lot of garbage time points for Bortles while Bridgewater puts up more conservative numbers.

Again I wouldn’t expect either guy to come in and turn around your fantasy woes. However, I love Bortles upside here. I think Bridgewater will have some big games but teams are going to wise up fast to his run propensity. Bortles on the other hand has a much better receiver corps and is bound to put up a ton of garbage time points this season. I’d highly recommend Bortles over Bridgewater if you are split between the two on the wire.

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