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‘Black Mirror’ Season 6: New Series in the Works at Netflix

Netflix’s famous series Black Mirror, which already had its five seasons released, is gearing up for the sixth season and we can’t be more excited. The series that was originally got released in 2011, gained massive popularity and became everyone’s favorite. The makers of the series are now eyeing a new sixth season and it is already in a developmental stage.

The series not only created an impact on the people but also had the feature film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, released in 2018. The news comes as ecstasy to all the Black Mirror fans and viewers as their favorite series still has a lot to offer. After its fifth season got released in 2019 and the fiasco of three years, made people believe that a sixth season is a far cry.

Additionally, the current trend of Netflix to halt several series after their second and third seasons, made so many people uncertain regarding the future of Black Mirror. But this news comes as a blessing to the viewers of Black Mirror.

Three years after Season 5’s three-episode launch, a new season is in the works. Along with series creator, Charlie Brooker is set to direct. The anthology series merges technology with commentary in each new episode to present a bleak picture of society’s future.

Of course, no specifics about the episodes will be revealed until the season premieres, as Netflix is known for keeping things under wraps. However, the plan is to produce more episodes than Season 5 and to raise the production quality to a cinematic level.

The production quality has clearly improved since the British series was added to Netflix’s collection. However, it has now appeared that we may expect bigger tales, which begs the question: how can Black Mirror become even more terrifying?

‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 Latest Updates

The series is renewing and in a developmental stage, however, no official details have been revealed by the team regarding the new season. Additionally, the individual stories concerning all the episodes lined up are also not known yet. But the sources have confirmed that this time the new season will be way more cinematic and thrilling than the previous ones, wherein each episode will be a movie in itself. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Talking about the release date of the upcoming season, so the release date of the upcoming season is not confirmed yet. According to earlier episodes, fans can expect a few well-known stars to appear in the sixth season of Black Mirror. At the onset of the pandemic, creator Charlie Brooker raised doubt about the show’s future due to its cynical approach to technology and its often pessimistic endings.

Time has allowed Brooker to change his tune, with Black Mirror once again finding a home in today’s streaming market. It’s unknown if the next sixth season of Black Mirror will be the final, but the show has been popular with audiences and critics for more than a decade. As technology becomes more ingrained in human existence and evolves in unforeseen ways, Black Mirror explores its potential dark edges.



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