Birds sign Garcia, Kolb Sees Writing on the Wall


Jeff Garcia Sports IllustratedOnce Donovan McNabb scored his touchdown yesterday in the Eagles 38-10 trouncing of the Carolina Panthers, I think that most of us felt as if the game was over. Seconds later as Donovan lay on the ground, screaming while grabbing his knees and back, I couldn’t help but think that our entire season might be over. That feeling was confirmed once our number-two quarterback, Kevin Kolb, came into the game and did absolutely with yet another opportunity.

After all these years of listening to Andy Reid cough and grunt through press conference after press conference, we have learned that Andy Reid is one tough code to crack. Andy has never and will never come right out and say anything. He is secretive and holds his cards tight in his hands. So, it wasn’t shocking to hear Andy play down Donovan’s injury while also talking up how much he likes Kolb.

“I have full confidence in him.” Reid stated. “I don’t worry about his accuracy or knowledge of the offense right now. It’s just a matter of getting caught up with the game speed of the regular season.”

[adinserter block=”1″]Right. So, in other words, the guy that the Eagles spent a second round draft pick on a few years ago who has had two years to prepare for NFL action is still not used to the “game speed of the regular season.” I can understand that. I’ve seen how difficult young quarterbacks like Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Mark Sanchez are finding the transition to NFL game speed. I mean, they’re struggling just as bad as Kolb is, of course.

Andy has continued to talk up Kolb for two years even though people are still searching for progress. On the field, Kolb has looked like a quarterback who shouldn’t be playing above the college level. Fans have been waiting for Andy Reid to just come out and admit his mistake in drafting a quarterback who ran a college offense that went five-wide every down. We’re all still wondering what Andy saw in Kolb when he drafted him as high as he did. We just want to hear Andy admit that the Kevin Kolb experiment is over.

Today, we may have gotten our wish. The Eagles re-signed Jeff Garcia whom handled our team very well in 2007 when McNabb went down due to injury. The signing of Garcia is significant for a few reasons. First, it shows that the Eagles are realistic in their thinking that Michael Vick is going to need some time before he can jump right in after a two-year layoff and play football at a high level. Second, it shows us that the Eagles are not certain that McNabb will only miss a game or two. Most importantly, however, is that it shows that the Eagles doubt the ability of Kevin Kolb.

[adinserter block=”2″]Jeff Garcia is not a third or fourth quarterback. If the Eagles knew that Michael Vick was coming back in week 3, they could have signed pretty much anyone to be the emergency quarterback. Once McNabb gets back now, who exactly is the odd man out? Well, Donovan isn’t going anywhere. It’s safe to say that the Eagles would not have gone through the public backlash of obtaining Michael Vick just to release him midseason. So, it comes down to Garcia and Kolb. It’s very hard to imagine that the veteran Garcia would sign with a team for one to two weeks and be kicked to the curb once again.

Welcome back to the team Jeff Garcia. You did wonders for this team and the city loved you. Our city loves athletes who put their heart out on the field and play 150% every down. Now that you have re-signed with our team, we can now thank you for putting the Kevin Kolb era behind us. It’s been two years too long.

Brett is 26 years old and from Millville, NJ. He has is a life-log fan of the Philadelphia sports teams as well as the Boston red Sox and Cincinnati Bengals. Brett is also a big fan of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. If you would like to comment on one of his stories, please e-mail him at

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