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Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar Does Not Need WWE Universal Championship

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The writings are all but on the wall for this upcoming battle between two of the WWE’s biggest Superstars. In what will likely be a final clash between Goldberg and Lesnar, perhaps it will be for the WWE Universal Championship. Goldberg will take on Champion Kevin Owens this coming up Sunday at Fastlane. Considering his track record thus far Goldberg will seek, destroy, and conquer one of WWE’s brightest stars of this new era.

And so with that, and I don’t mean to be mundane here, Goldberg and Lesnar will inevitably battle in Orlando for the gold. Regardless of the outcome, there will be another part time WWE Champion yet again. Does that sound exciting? This is exactly what Raw does NOT need.

Goldberg and Lesnar are Superstars in their own right, and the story between them sells itself. With Paul Heyman at the forefront selling it to the extreme the best way he knows how, it is easily the most hyped up match. What is the purpose of having the Championship at stake other than to give Goldberg the sendoff he threw away thirteen years ago? Call me a hater, but I thought we were in the new era here.

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The new era is supposed to let go of the past and give today’s Superstars a chance to grow and succeed in this generation of WWE. The company can’t do that by booking Lesnar to be a monster and Goldberg an unstoppable machine. Both men are past their prime and feeding on that nostalgia just makes no sense in the long run. The tried and true triple threat, or fatal four way matches (among others) can give way to someone else being pinned and make the part timer look good either way. However it’s been done, and the game will get old. I don’t see any passing of the torch here at all.

There won’t be a fight at Fastlane between Goldberg and Owens. Owens is a great talent and can brawl with the best of them. But considering how Goldberg destroyed Lesnar, it will be a ‘thanks for coming’ debacle. Chris Jericho might have something to do with Owens’ impending loss, but other than that I just don’t expect seeing an actual match. I would be shocked if somehow Owens kept the Championship. I would be even more shocked if Lesnar was the reason why. If anything else, the implosion of the former best friends deserves the Championship at stake at WrestleMania.

At the end of the day here, it’s about filling up Camping World Stadium and bringing in the maximum dollars to WrestleMania. There is no question that WWE will build Goldberg v. Lesnar to the moon and beyond. It will main event the show, and perhaps the ‘what if?’ scenario will finally be put to rest thirteen years later. I get that those types of matches sell, but at the same time, I think it hurts today’s Superstars more than it helps. They don’t need to be mauled by the Superstars of the past. It’s the new era, and already it’s going backwards. I could be wrong, and don’t mind being proven so. However, when it comes to the part time talent, perhaps the writings are on the wall after all.

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