Bill Goldberg Talks Possible WWE Return Vs. Ryback


Bill Goldberg has never been one to play the political wrestling game. That is why it is no surprise at how public he is about a possible WWE return which may or may not come against Ryback at WrestleMania 30.

[adinserter block=”1″]The talk of a Ryback vs. Goldberg match has certainly heated up in recent weeks. It is believed by many that a deal is signed for Goldberg to wrestle Ryback as a result of recent hints on WWE television about a match up. Well that may not be the case at all. Goldberg revealed in a recent interview that while he is up for a comeback, nothing has been agreed to.

A new report in the Wrestling Observer reveals some interesting quotes coming from Goldberg at the C4 Comic Con a few weeks ago. According to Meltzer’s report, Triple H has been actively recruiting the former WCW champion.

He said that HHH has called him and they have talked, but that there’s no deal in place. He said that he’s open to come back and would like his son (who wasn’t born when he was active in pro wrestling) to see him wrestle once, but would only do it for the right price. He said that he would never call them and ask to come back. He said the ball is in their court and they know what they have to do to get him.

Meltzer also reports that both parties are far apart on financial terms of a deal. Meltzer speculates that the signing would only pay off if Goldberg was used on WrestleMania. I’d say the odds right now in his favor. There is no real hook at this point on the card. Steve Austin appears to be out, The Rock is up in the air, and Hulk Hogan isn’t likely to wrestle even if he does appear. There would appear to be money in the budget for Goldberg if everyone can make it work.

He said that they are trying to get fans to put pressure on him to come back for “the pop” but he said he doesn’t care about that. If they want him, they know what he wants and they have his number. He said that WWE did try to push him on the “think of the pop you’ll get” lure but he said from his point of view, they are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to negotiating tactics.

Another point Meltzer brings up is that the timing of the DVD release was intentional as it was meant to drum up interest in a Goldberg vs. Ryback match. That was obvious the second the announcers started acknowledging the chants on television. If you notice, the announcers aren’t acknowledging those chants today like they were then.

I am up in the air on Goldberg. The one thing people have to remember here is that the guy hasn’t wrestled in years. On top of that, his last WrestleMania match was one of the biggest duds in Mania history. That said, Brock Lesnar was able to come back and shake off that match. I just don’t know how good a Goldberg vs. Ryback match could even be with the limitations on both guys.

[adinserter block=”2″]It is important to keep an eye on where Ryback is going in the coming weeks. If he is turning babyface as some have reported, I’d say this match is completely off the table. Goldberg isn’t coming in as a heel. The second he officially turns I’d say that this match is off the books. Until that happens you can hold out hope (if you want the match) although it would appear that the match is less of a possibility than anyone would have thought after reading Goldberg’s quotes.

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  1. Or it could have the opposite effect and turn Trips and Stephanie face and Paul Super heel and then we can ditch the corporate angle?

  2. The pop would be electric and would last for a while. Turning Heyman face brings the option of turning him against Trips and Stephanie in the long run. Goldberg visit has to mean something and have some type of long lasting effect, even if he isn’t going to be there but for a second. Creative can work a firing promo or something to get him off TV. I know you don’t like it but imagine the sight of those two on the ramp together and the fact at know other time would you ever thought it was possible. It’s like Nikita and Luger, Hulk and Savage, Flair and Sting, Rock and Austin, it’s unlikely pairing that only works for a short period of time but has lasting effects.

  3. Just for the sake of hoping, let’s say Ryback does not turn face and for some ungodly reason attacks Paul Heyman for droping him and Axel. This prompts Heyman to being in a new “Heyman Guy” which would be Goldberg and this option gives you two angles, one for Wrestlemania, which by any case could turn Heyman face, remember for Goldberg it’s about the money not the pop. So creative can spend this anyway they want too. Furthermore, depending on whether or not the Goldberg signing is a one-off you could have the opportunity to have Paul walk out with the corporation in the ring on Monday and have him talk his talk for a few minutes and have Goldberg music hits.(huge pop) wait about five minutes for Trips to walk back and forth in the ring and then say something like “that’s all you got, and if that’s it Paul …….”(then Lesners music hits) Remember Lesner’s not a heel or face, he’s Paul’s friend so it doesn’t matter.


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