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Bill Goldberg Returns to WWE RAW, Accepts Paul Heyman’s Challenge

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In what may be the most surreal moment on WWE RAW since the Ultimate Warrior re-appeared, Bill Goldberg returned to RAW. With Goldberg back the match is now official, Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar will rematch at Survivor Series 2016.

It was hard not to get chills watching Goldberg come out to his old WCW music and blow the smoke through his nose. For anyone that watched Goldberg regularly during his days in WCW, it was quite the nostalgic moment. It was everything you could have hoped for as a wrestling fan and more.

In terms of business, Goldberg was definitely a numbers-mover on Monday night. An early look at RAW ratings saw the audience increase from hour two to three, something that hasn’t happened in ages on RAW. Whether the momentum continues to build or not is anyone’s guess, but so far they are off to a great start.

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As indicated during Goldberg’s promo, this is a one-match deal. This match with Lesnar is meant to be Goldberg’s retirement match. The match is essentially promotion for the WWE 2K17 video game. While it is expected to be a one and done deal for Goldberg, logic would dictate that if the match does big business that Goldberg would likely be back for WrestleMania. With Lesnar already booked for a WrestleMania match, Goldberg would likely have someone else to dance with.

Goldberg’s appearance on RAW was a home run. The crowd remembered him, chanted his name, and he came across as a legend. While Michael Cole calling him the greatest WCW champion ever was a big stretch, the whole segment was just great. Quite frankly Goldberg’s promo was probably the best of his entire career. The irony of that is that Goldberg was never known for long promos and his return promo may have been one of his longest and he knocked it out of the park.

I have blogged several times about the actual Goldberg vs. Lesnar rematch and my feelings remain the same. The match was terrible 12 years ago and with both men older and a lot of ring rust on Goldberg, I can’t imagine it would be better. The excitement for the match is fascinating given the infamous reputation of their first match.

Goldberg will make a couple of more appearances on RAW. Goldberg will return on the October 31 RAW. The big one however will be on November 14, Goldberg’s last scheduled RAW appearance. That will be the one and only appearance in which Brock Lesnar is also scheduled to be in the building. That has the potential to be a memorable RAW with a big pull-apart ala Undertaker-Brock likely on deck.

Check out the return of Goldberg videos in addition to a brief interview with Goldberg exclusively for the YouTube channel. Like him or not, it’s hard to deny the excitement around the return of Bill Goldberg.

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