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Big Cass: What’s Next After WWE’s Great Balls Of Fire?

While watching Big Cass in the ring, I am reminded of other tall wrestling stars, past and present who have found success in the ring. As a youngster, growing up in Florida, I watched a rookie named Barry Windham compete in matches with Harley Race and Ric Flair – two former world champions who helped put the then-rookie over as a budding star.

Cass has that kind of look. To take it a step further, he is bigger and stronger than Windham, who is one of the most underrated performers of all time.

While Windham was able to go on to greatness, there have been many who have fallen down the path. Becoming the next Windham is a tall task (add the pun, it’s OK). Can he ascend to Kevin Nash status? Will he become a Matt Morgan-type performer? Does he fall in line with someone like Test, who had to be in the “perfect” storyline in order to be effective in the ring? Cass has the look and the “potential” of a future champion. But he is still green and will take some time to develop as a future world champion.

It was only a matter of time before WWE did the right thing and forced the divorce between the 7-footer and the diminutive mighty mite, Enzo Amore. Now that there is no possible reconciliation between the two, WWE must capitalize of both performers’ strengths if they are to succeed on Monday nights. For Cass, the path to the main event is a bit easier than what WWE has in store for Amore, who’s promo skills are reminiscent of Road Dogg Jesse James. In a short time, these two have written a great novel.

WWE did the right thing making this match personal. The vignettes were perfect. The build was done properly. The match was exactly as advertised. Size does matter. The company cannot continue to trot Amore out as the whipping boy. What will WWE do with both of them?

Amore should be considered a candidate for the cruiserweight division. With 205 on the WWE Network (yes, a shameless plug) needs an infusion of talent and some much needed adrenaline, his shtick would be welcomed. He may not win the Cruiserweight Title, but the unorthodox style makes things interesting.

Also, since Austin Aries is no longer part of the company, Amore would be a nice replacement. Amore is the antithesis of the calculated former TNA world champion. Amore versus Neville or TJP might be worth a look or two.

Cass is a bit different. WWE has many more options because of his size and his ability. For the record, Vince McMahon would have taken Cass, had he been part of the 1980s WWF machine, and made him a company champion, immediately.

Solid booking could make him a champion sooner rather than later. Could a program with Dean Ambrose help put Cass over? Does WWE do the unthinkable and position Braun Strowman as a babyface? Would the fans react favorably to this kind of feud? As Strowman continues to get over with the fans, is he the best possible choice moving forward?

I could see Roman Reigns entering a program with Cass at some point. Fans wouldn’t have a problem rooting for the neophyte. Would the company take a chance putting Cass over in this type of situation? Another option could be a program with either Brock Lesnar or John Cena, who may find time on both Raw and Smackdown Live.

WWE must push Cass to the top of the mountain with care. The NWA did not rush Windham to superstar status immediately. Nash took time to reach the zenith as well. If the company decided to follow that kind of path, it could mean Cass becomes the mega superstar he is capable of being – when the time is right.

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