Big Cass Just Might Be Where the Money Is

Big Cass

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We saw the foreshadowing of this feud during Enzo Amore’s hiatus due to a concussion that was suffered during a botched baseball slide at last year’s Payback pay-per-view. During Cass’ brief singles run, he had run-ins with Chris Jericho and a shot at the WWE Universal Championship in a Fatal 4 Way elimination match that saw an unlikely Kevin Owens become the new Champion. Seeing as how Kevin Owens doesn’t fit the traditional WWE Champion mold and Big Cass does, Owens’ title win could be interpreted as Cass having a small chance to go over in that match as well.

This harkens back to Cass’ new catchphrase “I’m where the money is”. it was only a matter of time before the WWE brass separated Enzo Amore and Big Cass as a tag team. With Gallows and Anderson coming straight from Japan to the main roster and the Hardy Boyz making a surprise return at Wrestlemania, the writing was on the wall for the babyface tag team. They would never be more over than the Hardys, nor would they gather as much heat as a monster Bullet (Balor) Club would either. The only option for the two wrestlers is to go it alone as singles competitors.

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Cass should be fine, however. I view him as the modern day Test, who should have gotten a WWE ECW Championship run in my opinion. Cass has a devastating big boot, just like Test did, and he also has a variety of sub finishers that open up a plethora of in ring storytelling possibilities during title matches. Once he gets his own music and t-shirt to market and call his own, he can finally use his swagger as a charismatic big man who can get the job done in the ring and the mic, a la Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, and Scott Hall.

Only time will tell who will have the better run out of Enzo and Cass. I believe Enzo may be the one to finally dethrone “King” Neville. That feud may push the 205 Live brand over the top and maybe even have it somewhat compete with NXT someday. On the other hand, Cass will have to wait a very long time before his first title run. He won’t get anywhere close to the Universal title for maybe a year and The Miz is currently is a heel run with the Intercontinental Championship. Dean Ambrose may go over at Great Balls of Fire so we will all have to wait and see where that possibility goes.

All in all, Big Cass is indeed money; and I believe that whenever RAW gets a chance to host a Money in The Bank pay-per-view, Big Cass will be the one pulling down the briefcase.

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