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Big Brother 11 Contestant’s MMA Background

 Russell KairouI will admit I am a longtime fan of the Big Brother reality show. Needless to say my interest peaked this season when one contestant claims to be a professional MMA fighter. So who is Russell Kairou and what is his MMA background?

I did a ton of research between on Russell Kairou’s MMA record and fight history and do you know what I found? Is Russell really an MMA fighter? In this day and age of Google and Internet resources, finding no record on a professional MMA fighter is almost impossible.

[adinserter block=”1″]So is Russell Kairou really a professional MMA fighter or is this another Big Brother twist? I did find some posts on the Sherdog forum from people who have seen Russell at Strikeforce shows. Other than that, not one person there or anywhere else has any record or memory of seeing Russell fight. The plot thickens in Big Brother 11.

I did find a ton of information on Russell’s high school wrestling background. From what I gathered the kid was a hell of a wrestler in high school. He received Honorable Mention in 2002 for 152 lb. Wrestler of the Year. He was ranked often in the top 20 of the area. He had a 25-2 record to start his senior season with 13 pins. Russell had an impressive 22 consecutive victories to start the season. –

“Russell really worked hard during the offseason, went to wrestling camp in Minnesota, and he’s very focused,” veteran coach Dennis Ritterbush said. –

Updated – Russell didn’t fare so well in his NCAA career at UC Davis. The 2004-2005 results post Russell’s record as 1-2 for the season. Source – click here. I searched UC Davis’ website high and low and couldn’t find any other stats for him within any other season.

I would be hard pressed to call Russell a professional MMA fighter. His MMA career and most of his NCAA remain unknowns. Russell is likely someone that has fought on underground or amateur MMA events. He mentioned that his last fight was canceled with little notice in a conversation. Chances are it was some underground or small independent group if it was canceled that quickly.

I have seen him referred to as a quiet guy in the forums from people who have met him. He has been anything but quiet. He threw a tantrum one night after another contestant misspelled a word in a contest. He challenged the same contestant to a fight later on. He has been called a “terrorist” by his roommate for terrorizing his roomies. I wonder how well his friends really know him, because he has been anything but quiet.

[adinserter block=”2″]I have no doubt that someone will offer Russell a professional fight once Big Brother finishes. It won’t be UFC, but someone like Strikeforce could pick him up for a few matches. He has an impressive wrestling background and could turn out to be a decent fighter. However, it looks like he is as much an “MMA fighter” as the guy at the bar that claims he once fought in a Tough Man Contest.

Russell’s Facebook.

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