Big Brother 11 Knocks Out MMA Fighter Russell Kairouz


 Russell Kairou Big Brother 11 is now down to the final five. MMA fighter, Russell Kairouz was officially eliminated from the Big Brother 11 competition. Five contestants remain ready to fight, cry, and whine their way closer to $500,000. Russell is the latest of arguably the worst cast in Big Brother history to leave the show on episode 22.

This season has been one of the strangest seasons in Big Brother history. There have definitely been more fights, more screaming, and more physical threats than any other season. The eleventh season has also featured who I would argue are the most incompetent players in show history. Every week I wonder whether any of these people even watched a past Big Brother season.

[adinserter block=”1″]It is amazing to me each year as to how many people make such terrible strategic moves. Big Brother 11 contestant Jeff Schroeder has the honor of making the game’s best and worst move this season. Jeff used the Big Brother 11 power to evict Jesse Godderz in a stroke of genius. Unfortunately Jeff got power hungry, backdoored Russell and has probably kissed away $500,000.

The latest twist came after Jeff won both HOH and Big Brother Power of Veto. Jeff and Russ had a deal for the final four. Anyone that has watched Big Brother 11 can see that Russ has been a man of his word. Jeff fell hook, line, and sinker for a lie from the other guests and went back on his word, putting Russ up. Jeff is a moron.

The numbers went from 4-2 in Jeff’s favor to 2-2-1 this week. Natale Martinez went from goat to almost a lock for final two using simply her brains. It wasn’t a game or any kind of competition that will take Natale to the final two. It was Natale’s canny ability to lie and play Jeff in the oldest Big Brother trick in the book that bought his unreciprocated loyalty.

Jeff will learn quick from his mistake. Kevin was last night’s Big Brother 11 HOH winner. Kevin and Natale have already said in conversations that they plan to break their “deal” and send Jeff or Jordan home. It is almost all but a guarantee that one of them will leave this week. Hypothetically, if Russ stayed and won HOH I don’t think he would have put up either one of them. Like him or not, Russell was always a man of his word.

This season has been a total disaster for CBS. These contestants have taken this game more personal than any other season. One episode saw three of the girls crying because someone was eliminated. Crying because one person was eliminated that brought them closer to the end game. The contestants have all yelled and screamed at each other reaching the peak of dirty game play when Jeff threatened that he would “go after Russell’s family.”

[adinserter block=”2″]As for Russell, I have already written about his “professional MMA background.” In all honesty, he could probably lock in a job as an announcer or interviewer with an up and coming MMA group. I could easily see him popping up on Strikeforce. Strikeforce has a relationship with Viacom, thus the CBS relationship could provide that immediate olive branch to Russell to get some kind of work with Strikeforce. I wouldn’t anticipate him fighting, but you never know. It isn’t like CBS ever put an untrained freak show in an MMA ring on Elite XC before.

I don’t know what CBS needs to do, but this is a far cry from the happy go-lucky cast from the first season. I like tension, but this is just getting far too uncomfortable. It has grown from uncomfortable to just ambivalence at this point. I don’t care if any of these people win or lose. They have all played poor games and proven to be some of the most classless players in Big Brother history.

Following Evel Dick two seasons ago, that says a lot.

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  1. I am in pain that Lost is over. I can't believe I am viewing the last segment tonight. What are we going to do each week. Matthew Fox is so hot! I am going to miss him. I am guessing there will be a movie deal now.


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