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Best Possible Booking For WWE WrestleMania 32 Despite Injuries

Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and now Cesaro are all on the WWE’s long term injury list with only Bryan a chance for WrestleMania and that has thrown WrestleMania plans into turmoil.

On top of that, The Rock is also reportedly unavailable for WrestleMania which means WWE are going to need to get creative to stop their show of shows from falling apart.

To stop this show from turning into another WrestleMania 27, the WWE are going to need to give us a reason to watch Raw and a reason to care about the matches and for that reason, this is the card I believe they should be going with.


Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Heath Slater vs Los Matadores vs Curtis Axel vs Byron Saxton vs Adam Rose vs Sin Cara vs Damien Sandow vs Booker T vs Darren Young vs Bo Dallas vs Zack Ryder vs Erick Rowan vs Luke Harper vs Samoa Joe vs The Miz vs Mark Henry vs Rusev vs The Usos vs Jack Swagger vs Wade Barrett vs Titus O’Neil vs Kalisto vs Alberto Del Rio vs Ryback vs Braun Strowman vs Kane vs Big Show vs Tyler Breeze

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This year’s Battle Royal should have one important theme. Farewelling three of the best super heavyweights the WWE has ever had. What better match to send off Kane, Mark Henry and The Big Show than the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal? I would have the three of them dominate most of the match with Henry being eliminated first by Rusev. Then, have it come down to three men. Tyler Breeze, Kane and Big Show: Kane and Big Show are fighting it out on the apron having stepped over the ropes when Breeze drop kicks and eliminates both of them, winning the match. Afterward, Kane and Big Show get back in the ring and Breeze runs off scared. Henry comes back out and corners Breeze back into the ring and straight into a double chokeslam, sending the three men off to the applause of 90,000 people while giving Breeze a massive win to build off.

Have this be Samoa Joe’s main roster debut and make him dominate early before being cheaply eliminated by someone like Alberto Del Rio to start a feud for Joe.

Goldust vs Cody Rhodes

The brothers should finally get their big pay-per-view match here at WrestleMania. Part of this feud should be Cody ditching the Stardust persona and viciously attacking his brother. Cody should win here with his brother getting revenge at Extreme Rules.


Tag Team Championship Tables Match if The Dudley’s Lose They Have to Retire

The New Day (c) vs The Dudley Boyz

A big theme of WrestleMania 32 should be the passing of the torch and the retirement of legends of the industry and this match should be no different. The New Day should kick off WrestleMania with a grand and imaginative entrance and they should retain their titles and continue their stellar run. Alternatively, you could have The Dudley’s win and become the first team to ever win 10 WWE Tag Team Championships.

Divas Championship Triple Threat Match

Sasha Banks (c) vs Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

This is the right match to have and makes sense storyline wise. These three girls all debuted together and they’re right three to deliver the best possible WrestleMania match. Sasha should dethrone Charlotte at the Royal Rumble with Becky winning some kind of number one contenders contest to set this up as a triple threat match. Sasha Banks retains, Bayley debuts the next night and the women’s division goes from strength to strength.

Triple H vs Roman Reigns

Storyline wise, this match just makes sense and it’s the perfect way to give Reigns a big Mania win. Reigns should win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at TLC, defend it against Sheamus and someone like Ziggler at the Royal Rumble (add Ziggler so people actually watch) and have Reigns retain. From there, Triple H comes out and declares that Reigns has to defend his title again… against Brock Lesnar, who comes out and destroys the tired champion. Reigns comes out the next night and swerves the audience by saying he wants Triple H at WrestleMania and NOT Lesnar, leaving the Royal Rumble winner to face the beast one-on-one. It’s very much a long shot, but again, this is how I would book WrestleMania to make it as exciting and unpredictable as possible. The WWE will most likely not go this way and opt for Reigns in the main-event. Reigns obviously wins clean here.

United States Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Sheamus vs Neville vs Alberto Del Rio

Pick four of the best wrestlers in the business to give you a top shelf triple threat match for the United States Championship. Dolph should take the title from Del Rio as soon as possible so Del Rio doesn’t take the title into the match and can come in as a challenger. Sheamus, given he’s the current WWE Champion, should at least be on the main card so that’s why I have him here as well. Adding Neville ensures a good match and a fresh match as we’ve already seen Ziggler versus Sheamus or Del Rio a few times. Dolph should walk in with the title and walk out with the title. The man deserves his own WrestleMania moment.

Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor

This feud should be based around Finn debuting and being the one hunting Bray, rather than Wyatt doing the hunting like he normally does. That flips the script, gives us something fresh and gives us a cool feud between two young guys that will put on a show. Finn wins this one. I could have used Sting here, but the WWE need to start building their future stars and nothing does that like a WrestleMania win. Their entrances on the grand stage will be something to behold… as long as it’s dark!

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Intercontinental Championship Match

Kevin Owens (c) vs Sami Zayn

This feud writes itself. Zayn returns to the main roster at the Royal Rumble and begins his hunt for revenge after that. This should be a feud to carry Raw between the Rumble and Mania. They should have a match at Fast Lane with Owens retaining clean to build up Zayn as the fighting underdog he is. Sami should win the title and get his redemption.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship No Holds Barred Match

Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose

Tell me you don’t want to see this match happen? I can guarantee you that more people will watch WrestleMania to see Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose fighting with no rules than Lesnar versus Reigns again or Reigns versus Ambrose and I have nothing against Reigns, it’s just a fact. This would be a show stealing match that would have the crowd out of their seats for the whole thing. You could go either way the win here. Lesnar retaining makes sense, but Ambrose actually pinning Brock would be an amazing WrestleMania moment. I think Lesnar should retain though and hold the title for a while.

The Undertaker vs John Cena

This is the perfect match to finish the legendary career of The Undertaker. Cena is the face of the company and the biggest possible opponent which is what The Undertaker deserves in his final match. The Undertaker is an old school wrestler with the mentality that you’re supposed to put someone over in your last match and if anyone is going to beat him at WrestleMania it’s going to be John Cena which means that the crowd will believe every near fall. This is as close as we will ever get to a Cena heel turn and these two will obviously give us a great feud. This match has to main-event and of course, Taker wins to close the show. The entire locker room should come out to applaud him.

This is how I would book WrestleMania 32 and it’s up to WWE to do it better, for the sake of their low ratings, they better.

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