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Bending The Rules Movie Review Starring WWE Superstar Edge

Bending The RulesMarch 27, 2012, was the release date for WWE Hall of Fame inductee Edge’s WWE Film, “Bending the Rules.” The film was shot in August of 2010 in New Orleans, and co stars Jamie Kennedy, Alicia Witt, and Philip Baker Hall. District Attorney Theo Gold (Jamie Kennedy) has one of the worst birthdays of his life. Not only does Gold fail to prosecute a corrupt police detective, Nick Blades (Adam “Edge” Copeland) , Gold’s wife leaves him, and he loses his dad’s prized Studebaker Hawk. Both Gold and Blades wind up working together trying to find Gold’s car, and to solve a criminal plot. The film is a buddy, cop movie with aspects of the Odd Couple. I bought the film today and just watched it, and here is my review.

[adinserter block=”2″]Overall, I enjoyed the film. As I said, there are aspects of “The Odd Couple” in the film. Theo Gold is a by the book type of character who dresses all neat and tidy, whereas Nick Blades is a slob, and wears border shorts, and colorful shirts, even in court where the defendant should wear a suit. Blades is as corrupt as could be, and does whatever he wants, whereas Gold keeps reminding Blades that he (Blades) is on administrative leave and is not supposed to be acting like a cop (showing the badge, etc). Even though I didn’t see any Lord Lawrence Olivier-like performances (not that I expected any),

I thought Edge did a very good job for his first time as a lead actor in a movie. He is a natural in front of the camera. I liked his dry , quick wit. He and Jamie Kennedy did a great job working off of each other. Kennedy did a good job with his physical comedy. The scene where Kennedy’s character tries to ride his kid’s bike is priceless. The supporting cast did a good job as well. The plot got a little convoluted, but it finally made sense.

The four DVD extras included an interview with Edge and some of the other stars. Edge talked about the experience of making the film, and how the other cast mates were able to make him more comfortable, etc. The second extra which just concentrated on how Edge and Jamie Kennedy got along on the set. The third one was just a display of the two cars used in the film. The last one was a photo gallery of scenes in the film.

In recent interviews plugging the film, his Hall of Fame Induction, etc, Edge said that he did not consider himself an actor. He said when he got to do “Haven, ” he felt more comfortable with the acting process. He said that after he finishes shooting “Haven” this spring and summer, he may hire an agent, but I was not sure from listening to him if he was serious or not. He said in several of the interviews that he was very excited about going into the Hall of Fame. He thought that he would go in later, but he was cool with going in now.

He said that he was hopeful that Christian would induct him (which Christian is) as it would be a no brainer. He said that the doctors telling him he could not wrestle anymore, made retirement easier, as he said this year’s Mania would have been his last had he not been forced to retire. He said that the plan was for him to go do the Ladder Match with Del Rio at Extreme Rules, and then take several months off to heal up his banged up body, but they did the MRI the day after Mania, and he was told on Wednesday that he was done. The decision was made for him, and it made it much easier. As for the acting, he said, a few days after he retired, WWE called him and asked if he wanted to do “Haven,” and he accepted, and it was a lot of fun for him to do. As I previously said, he will be doing Season three of the show this spring. Edge, in fact, on Monday’s chat , said he flies to Nova Scotia on April 15th to start shooting the show.

Personally, I really hope Edge continues a career in acting, be it on the small screen or the big screen. I am not saying this because I am one of his biggest fans and supporters. I am saying this because I think he really has a lot of talent. I think he is very creative. He is very witty, smart, and funny. I think with his creativity, he can put all that into an acting career of some sort.

[adinserter block=”1″]I am not saying he will be the Rock, but I think he can have a very successful post-WWE career where he can show another side of himself where he doesn’t have to get physical. He can still entertain people, but in a different way. I know his fans miss him in the ring. If ANYONE misses him in that squared circle, it is ME. However, I think we fans are going to have to accept that he does not want to return, as when he was asked in the chat if he planned a return, even as Raw GM, he didn’t just say “No,” he said “HELL NO!” It sounds to me that he feels that he has accomplished what he wants in his career, retired, and wants to stay retired. I totally understand. At least, if he does pursue an acting career, at least fans can see him. However, this is just my opinion, mind you.

As for the film, “Bending The Rules, “I have seen “The Chaperone, ” with HHH, and “Legendary,” with John Cena, and I think this is the best one. I certainly recommend the film.

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  1. I am really looking forward to watching this. I am also a huge Edge fan, and I literally cried when he had to retire. I agree with you that he has a lot of talent, even if he doesn't consider himself an actor. He's definitely got good timing when it comes to jokes. So I think he could definitely do something with that, and we could continue to see him.

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