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Bella Thorne Wears Raunchy ‘NAKED’ Dress at Morbius Movie Premiere

Does she want to be Lady Deadpool that bad?

At the premiere of the Morbius movie on Wednesday, Bella Thorne showed up in what appears to be a naked dress on the red carpet. But here’s the thing, the dress she wore is designed in a way to create the optical illusion of being naked.

The dress she wore appeared as if Bella’s body is completely see-through and she is wearing nothing underneath. Let us see more details about the raunchy outfit of Bella Thorne:

The ‘NAKED’ Outfit

Bella Thorne’s outfit was certainly a show stopper at the Morbius movie premiere because anybody who gave her outfit a first glance thought to themselves that Bella is wearing a completely see-through dress. However, the realization occurs at the second glance when the persona realizes that what she is wearing is nothing but an optical illusion.

The 24-year-old actress wore a skintight red dress that was designed to look as if she was wearing nothing underneath and her bare body was completely visible. Her outfit highlighted her curves and she went with deep red lipstick on her lips along with her complimentary strawberry blonde hair. Her hair fell loosely on her shoulders and she wore many rings on her fingers along with a watch.

Her look was finalized by a pair of wine-colored stilletos. Bella was joined by her sister Dani at the premiere where Dani chose to appear as a biker girl chic as she wore a black leather bralette that showed off plenty of her skin. Dani’s outfit was all black as she wore black leather boots to compliment the outfit along with a matching high-cut mini-skirt that enhanced her toned legs. She also wore a black leather choker studded with metallic spikes.

Bella on Instagram

Before heading to the red carpet, Bella shared snippets of her outfit along with Dana on her Instagram account. She shared a selfie of herself on her story wearing the raunchy red outfit. Then after that, she posted a video clip that featured herself and her sister Dani jamming to the song ‘Perfect’ by Cousin Stizz ft. City Girls as they drove in their car on their way to the event. Both the sisters posed for the camera while sticking their tongues out as the music continued while doing small dance moves on their seats.

The designer for Bella’s optical illusion outfit is Sergio Castano Pena, who also shared the details about the dress on his Instagram page and also shared what inspired him to design the dress. He said ionhis Instagram: “This project takes a stance against war, violence, and oppression. As well I totally do not support lack of democracy, freedom, or human rights”.

Bella’s beau, Benjamin Mascolo was not seen on the red carpet with her.



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