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Shane Douglas and FrancineSince ECW died in 2001 wrestling fans have been clamoring for a replacement. Fans have turned to other independents for their hardcore wrestling fix but none of them have been able to duplicate all the facets of the original ECW.

[ad 6]Promotions today have been influenced by ECW but have taken one section of the audience for itself. It is like they stripped down what ECW was and took certain pieces of what made it so great. MLW took its presentation style, ROH took the high flying aspect and Japanese influences, CZW took their hardcore wrestling to another level, and CHIKARA used comedy wrestling to its advantage. All of those promotions have done great for themselves but when I heard the news of an Extreme Reunion and a possible new promotion on the way I got excited and nostalgic for what was.

A lot of critics are saying that this could be a bad idea but I am holding out hope for the tribe of extreme. They were there for us when we needed an alternative to mainstream wrestling so why not give them another chance. I am remaining positive about this and will put in this version of Urena’s Universe what I would like to see out Extreme Reunion and the promotion going forward.

Shane Douglas as the Authority Figure – From a character standpoint this would intrigue me a lot as a fan. Shane Douglas spent a lot of his microphone time in ECW fighting the system and taking what he wants. He berated management and stood out on his own because of this. This time around he is the figurehead of this Hardcore Reunion. Once shows start getting off the ground and new talent comes in The Franchise will be running the ship putting the shoe on the other foot, making him management. Does he conflict with other talents because of his vision? Does he let people shine or does he become the very thing he hates. This could work both ways and I am interested to see if this actually plays out.

A feud with a younger talent could bring something great to the forefront. I am excited to see if the “Franchise” can be a company figure. New Feuds with Talents that haven’t crossed paths- If you are going to do an ECW type relaunch, why not have talents who avoided each other during its run go at it? I’m not sure what talents will be brought in who were in the original ECW but they should build from the past and create something new off of that.

The Use of Real Music – I think this added a lot of character to ECW when wrestlers would come out to real life music instead of guitar riffs and cheap rip offs. I want to sing along with the music and get amped whenever I hear an entrance theme. It adds to the show and it makes it a concert like atmosphere and more interactive with the fans.

Fan Interaction – The Original ECW was very fan friendly during its run so I think this extreme reunion should do the same. Autograph Signings before the shows would be great and things where the fans can be a part of the show. Maybe raffle off tickets to be guest ring announcer or have fights where the fans can bring the weapons again. Just things that remind fans of extreme experience.

New Talent Galore – What the old ECW thrived on was new blood and with Shane Douglas stating that new talent will be fused in with the veterans , I look forward to see who they pick. If I had to use people from the current independent scene I would bring in Eddie Kingston, Homicide, Brodie Lee, The Briscoes, Sami Callihan, Ricky Reyes, and others. I would have them be brought in one by one but have an affiliation with the veterans. Maybe members of Ravens Flock, new pisans for the FBI, or a young lion being taught how to be extreme by Terry Funk. The options are endless and new talent can be nurtured well with the veterans.

A Paul Heyman appearance – I know this might be a stretch but why not have a cameo from the mad scientist Paul Heyman. He can do a speech to open a show and maybe do an angle with Shane Douglas. I know Heyman might be onto other things but I think an appearance would really help the promotion.

[adinserter block=”1″]Changing with the times – Yes, extreme was great back in the late 90s but it is now 2012 and that style of wrestling needs to adapt with the times. The talent is there, the veterans are there, the new blood can be there, but it needs to bring a different representation of Extreme. With younger talent and the veterans mixed I think a lot can be done.

I look forward to this reunion to see where this can go. If you agree with me or have something you want to see email me or leave a comment here. GET EXTREME!

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