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Become inFamous: inFamous Review

inFamousinFamous is one of the best games i have played all year thus far. And its once again an instant classic. Your given a free roaming world to play in with living people walking about all over the city.

In a sense, its a Grand Theft Auto clone but in this respect, its not an entire rip off of GTA. inFamous is created by the folks over at Sucker Punch, the house that created the very successful Sly Cooper series of games on the PS2.

This is there first foray onto the PS3 and its a gem. You start the game witnessing an explosion that destroy Liberty City…uhh…i mean Empire City, you see the connection? Your once again in a replica of New York. Only unlike GTA IV, the city is completely destroyed by a terrorist attack rather then being destroyed by rival gangs like those in GTA. Your on your way to work and boom…explosions are abound and your the only survivor at the epicenter of the enter attack.

[adinserter block=”1″]You are Cole MacGrath, no relation to any of the singers with the same last name or anything of that nature. After surviving the explosion, your body begins to dramatically change and you begin to develop telekinetic powers. As you progress though this game, each chapter is shown off with what I believe may be the coolest cut scenes I have seen yet on a next generation console. It is almost identical to the opening sequences in the Spider-Man movies, a comic book opening detailing all of the latest developments up until the current moment.

Box Art:

Why Can’t We Get These Bundles?:

inFamous also features some great voice acting as well. This really drives the emotion and story of the game. Cole’s girlfriend, Trish, or whatever she is as the game progresses, loses her sister in the game and also loses Cole. Your best friend, Zeke, provides comic relief and for some reason always has a positive outlook on the events occurring all around you and himself given the fact that everything is destroyed.

There is a great sense of chaos throughout this game, people are all over the street that are either dying or grieving the losses of there friends and families. Your given two choices here. This is what I like most in this game, these choice determine wether your a Hero or Evil, thus the title of inFamous. Seeing as how your choices determine what you will become gives me the answer as to why the game is called inFamous.

The lowercase letter for the word “in” are lower since you can be Famous for helping of inFamous for doing nothing. You can Cure the sick or put them out of there misery. Each choice will have it’s repercussions. Your Red/Blue meter, which is your Heroic/Evil meter, will begin to turn in the direction your actions warrant. Blue being heroic and Red being evil. Your body also changes further as your decisions are made, the more positive things your do the healthier you will look, the more evil actions you take, the more Zombie like you will look.

Good Cole:

Your whole body is charged by electricity, and since your in a huge city like “Empire” City, you can get your fix when needed by absorbing energy from Lights, Signs, Cars, Generators, Satellites, as well as taking it from your Enemies or from innocent bystanders. The last option has the same effects, your energy gets replenished but since it is an evil act to steal from the innocent and to steal the life from a Reaper, your negative energy increases.

As your Karma is determined by your actions, you will have Blue electricity flow around your body to show off your positive energy and Red to show off your inFamous nature. Your actions will also earn you a reputation with all the locals as well. At first, when you help or do not, the locals will be scared of you since they do not understand what it is your trying to do.

To them, your a terrorists since the TV labeled you that. But as they get to see you help more and more, they accept you as a savior. But if you choose to go with the dark side, they will grow to fear you and attack you if they are armed and feel threatened.

There are TV’s playing all over the city that will often break in with Breaking News to tell you the latest in the on going recovery efforts taken place to rescue survivors. All those who live in the city are being locked into the city to prevent a spreading of the virus that has infected everyone. To prevent a outbreak, the city is placed under lock and key and a huge barrier that is surrounded by fully armored Police Officers that will shoot on sight if you try to get out of the Quarantined area. This is evident in the first mission in the game as you try to lead a group to freedom from the city.

This games entire engine is based off of the GTA engine, but seeing as how Sucker Punch is creating this, it will have a fast paced and very responsive control set. You can roam freely in the city much like GTA, but your movements are like that of Spider-Man, you can run very fast and jump very high. Its a game that has lots of fluid movements as well as a great gameplay system. However, there are instances of the game that bother me.

For starters, when you click on Powers in the menu, you use your EXP that you earn from fighting Reapers, Saving Lives, Completing Missions, etc. and you use this EXP to buy powers or upgrade them. Well my problem is this is that if you think by clicking X will give you a more detailed background of the power you wish to buy, it buys the power without confirmation required.

This can be a problem since lots of these powers take a lot of EXP away from you so early. You can earn so many points quickly by pulling of combo chains as well as reviving people quickly. The points you earn for these actions are so small that you have to do it over and over to gain quick points.

The environment can be used as well to gain points, but if your not careful, your going to be creamed if your too close to an explosion. Another issue is the graphics, there very good but they look dated much like the GTA IV graphics, but not as refined. The voice acting is good, but there are times where the characters tend to get annoying when they overact.

Another issue I have is if your in a mission and your en route to the target, there will be a prompt that comes up constantly to tell you to get to the selected area or meet the person you need to meet. It keeps coming up and it gets annoying. The controls are great, but they rely heavily on the shoulder buttons, so make sure you know which button you hold to attack or which you hold for actions.

The Sights And Sounds Of Empire City:

Attacking From A Distance:

The camera angles are good and using the second analog stick to move them around is very fluid and quick. Its the way I always wanted to play a Mario game, only never got it until I got this game. The issue i have with it is that when you start the game, the default setting is to use the second analog stick to control the camera in the Inverted Controls.

This stinks since when you want to rotate the camera left, you should hold down left on the stick, not right. You can change this option freely whenever you want. The enemies are mindless at best, they will move in patterns and will attack wildly with guns, telekinetic attack, and bombs as well. They do work together so you can use all types of different moves to finish them off and you can also use the environment at you disposal as well by causing massive explosions.

Like I said earlier, the transitions between the days in the game is awesome, the cut scenes are very well drawn and delivered. It gives the game more of a comic book look and feel rather then being what is it designed to be, a complete GTA clone with a super hero aspect as well.

I like how the game just moves at such a fast pace and the controls are good for what you need them to be used for. The powers you buy are awesome, iI personally like jumping from a high distance and landing to create an electrically powered earth quake, this comes in handy when you want to get a quick drop on a group of enemies. You can also take a train to travel around the city, but who wants to do that? You can use your electrically fueled body to ride the rails and grind your way around the city much like skateboarders do on railing. This is awesome, and you can attack while in motion, even cooler.

When you need to gain lost power, you just press a single button and you begin o absorb energy. You collect Blast Shards to increase your battery core count, which are necessary to use you many attacks. After you collect 5, your core increases. Much like Zelda, but not as difficult to find. There is lots of be unlocked and discovered in this game, there are lots of side missions to complete and each side mission will have an impact on your karma.

If you help fallen cops, your positive energy increases, but if you help crooked cops, you will become more and more inFamous. The more positive/negative actions you take, the more powerful you will become in that aspect. It’s much like Knights Of The Old Republic, but much more enjoyable and fun, and this is a free roaming world action game rather then a time based RPG. The game has a quick installation time for a game with such a high installation size of 1.7GB.

[adinserter block=”2″]It features auto-save so you can keep playing and there is no slow down when saving is on going. The game does not feature Multiplayer of any type, which is kind of a let down in a sense since a game like this could thrive online, but seeing how GTA IV has some online issues related to how people play it, it isn’t such a major negative to not include Multiplayer. Also there is Trophy support but no downloadable content support (As of this article’s writing).

Who’s Bad?:

inFamous is a must have for PS3 owners and fans of Sly Cooper, given the fact that if this is how Sucker Punch is making games for the PS3, i can only imagine how cool Sly will be on the PS3 next year. inFamous is now available for an MSRP of $59.99. Rated T For Teen. Check Out The Demo On The Playstation Store. Check this game out, its a strong contender for Game Of The Year and is a great example of a New Original Game. Instant classic for PS3 owners!

-Fantastic Presentation

-Fantastic Cut Scenes

-Great Controls

-Awesome Gameplay

-The Karma Based System Determines How The Game Progresses

-Great Sense Of Emotion

-Feels Like Spider-Man/Grand Theft Auto

-Great Audio

-Awesome List Of Moves

-Fantastic Original Game

-No Multiplayer

-Objectives Are Constantly Reminding You Where You Should Be While En Route

-The Default Settings Can Be A Bother

-You Can Buy Powers And Waste EXP Accidentally

-Graphics Are Good, But Look Very Dated

-Issues With Texture Mapping

-Enemies Have No AI

-When You Reach 1.21 Gigawatts, You Can’t Travel In Time…Great Scott!!
Official Score:

Infamous Rating: 5 Stars Out Of 5

Editor’s Choice Award
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– John Yomtov



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