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Becky Lynch’s Role in the WWE Divas Revolution

Since the Divas Revolution kicked off in mid-July, nine divas were entangled in three teams. Two of those teams were formed to uphold the dominant Team Bella. With this Revolution came three new faces; three of the four Horsewomen who ran and dominated NXT.

Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks came onto Raw that night with a mission, and it was clear with their surprise debuts that they were here to do what they do best. And that was to take over the Divas division and change the game.

Since the kickoff, we have seen the second generation NXT Diva Charlotte dethrone Nikki Bella at last month’s Night of Champions PPV. That came with controversy, as her first time facing off for the Divas title ended in a DQ thanks to Brie Bella’s successful attempt at “Twin Magic”. The second time was a charm, as Charlotte finally captured the title six days later. Charlotte came onto the scene with a lot of promise, being the daughter of the legendary Ric Flair. With the Divas title win, Charlotte added to the Flair legacy and left the newly-minted longest reigning Divas champion Nikki Bella titleless after 301 days.

Sasha Banks stepped foot onto the main roster as NXT Women’s Champion. She has had a very successful run; stealing the show with her championship defenses match after match. Banks ended up losing the championship over a month later against Bayley, in what was hailed as the greatest Diva’s match in WWE history. Banks continued to make history with Bayley in a losing effort to regain the championship in another classic, the first ever Divas Iron man match for the NXT Women’s Championship. Even though Banks had lost both efforts, she flawlessly created a legacy for herself in 2015. That doesn’t even include the body of work she had produced in the first half of 2015 while still in NXT.

But where does that leave Becky Lynch? What has she done since stepping onto the main roster?

If you have been watching NXT the past year, you know that Becky Lynch has created a name for herself over that period of time. She started off teaming with the previously mentioned Sasha Banks towards the end of 2014, naming themselves Team BAE (Best at Everything). That soon fell apart as Banks captured the NXT Women’s Championship, followed with Lynch finding herself in line for a shot at Banks’ championship. The intense buildup between the former teammates culminated at NXT: Takeover Unstoppable, where the two women battled in a classic bout.

Even though she was on the losing end, that match put Lynch on the map as one of the “ones to watch” as the main roster debut was on the horizon. And when she did make that main roster debut, the WWE Universe was more than happy to see her, along with Charlotte and Banks, take her rightful place in the Divas division.

An abundance of tag team matches, six-man tag team matches, and a small handful of singles matches later, Lynch won the three-team elimination match for Team PCB at SummerSlam, pinning Brie Bella. That’s pretty much it.

Since then, we have seen Lynch take a backseat as the Revolution coasts along. As of now, she’s in the middle of a conflict with ill-fated Team PCB. It’s obvious that Paige is jealous of Charlotte’s Divas title win; as she could not dethrone Nikki Bella herself when the chance was presented. When Paige let loose in her worked shoot promo, she went as far as to say Lynch was the “least relevant” in Team PCB. Ouch!

Lynch will more than likely find herself at ringside come Survivor Series cheering on her fellow Horsewoman Charlotte in her battle with Paige. I, along with many others in the WWE Universe, want to see Lynch take action. We all know she is more than capable of being the front runner in this never ending Divas Revolution. She’s not a backseat women’s wrestler, she’s a star in the making and best believe Lynch has the tools to back up the fact she is that good.

I don’t want to see Lynch’s NXT run go in vain, and neither does anyone else who is a fan of her. It seems to be a trend lately with most of the NXT talents; coming onto the main roster and get ‘lost in space’ in the WWE Universe once they get their feet wet. It is imperative that this trend ceases, and it can start now, with Lynch finding her way to take over in this Revolution.

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