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Beat The Shark Wrap Up Plus Other Tidbits From NFL Week 12

Beat The Shark CandiceAs it gets later into this NFL season you know how much every game counts. It is so easy to lose it all on one play. By the same token you also know how rewarding it can be when you play tough, prepare and let it all hang out!

Well despite the terrific efforts of last weeks contestant, Miss Candice Albanese, “The Shark” was back in the winners circle, and of course back to brag about it. With a big 3-1 record on the week, thanks to winning picks the Buccaneers, Seahawks and Titans, “The Shark” was able to lift the picks record to 21-18-1 and take a 6-5 lead over the ladies. Candice did a pretty good job as well, going 2-2 as she had winners with the Colts and the Vikings, but fell with the Dolphins losing to the Bills and the Eagles were unable to cover against the Redskins. So now with that the women are back to .500 with a record of 20-20. Oh so maybe it is time for the tie break against myself and the Albanese girls. Sister Karyn got me in week 3, and I took down Candice in week 12. Hmmm, perhaps a me vs. both in a week or 2? Anyway it goes to show once again that beauty does not always beat the beast! Nice efforts Candice, but you’ve been Shark Bit!

Ok so with that beside me I wanted to take the time to say a few things about the NFL after 12 weeks. I usually do a thumbs up and a thumbs down but I just hate to miss out on stuff, so here is just some random thoughts about what is going on. Enjoy, and comment if you like:

I can’t help but wonder where the Titans would be if Vince Young started from week 1? 5 straight wins since Young took over as starting QB, and now the grand test as they meet the undefeated Colts. Interesting! I am calling the upset here and now.

What exactly has gotten in to Brett Favre? The ageless wonder is lighting up the sky in Minnesota and now has 24 TDs to just 3 INTs. Can you say MVP?

When will Gary Kubiak realize that Chris Brown does not offer him the speed and the tools that he gets from Steve Slaton? Since Brown has become a larger part of this offense the Texans have gone 0-2.

Speaking of MVP, did Drew Brees just cast a vote for himself with that amazing performance on Monday night, or is he still going to say how good it feels just to share the stage with Brady?

Speaking of Brady, do you think he was allowed to watch that Victoria Secret fashion show, or did his wife say, “Ugh turn that off, it reminds me of work?”

Is it amazing to anyone else how QB’s like Dennis Dixon, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh Freeman, and Alex Smith all had statistically better days then guys like Matt Hasselbeck?

Will any of these 5 win teams sniff the playoffs: Texans, Titans, Jags?

Could we possibly have a Super Bowl showdown of unbeaten teams?

Ok, ok enough thinking out loud for me, it’s time to bear down and get ready for week 13! Wow, week 13, I hope alot of your hometowns have good hockey and basketball teams, the NFL Season is winding down fast!

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