Beat The Shark NFL Pick ‘Ems For NFL Week 14


Beat the Shark DebbieI sure wasn’t prepared for this one boys and girls. Just when you think you have seen everything, something new comes along. For the first time this season “Beat The Shark” ended in a tie. That’s right Donovan McNabb, a tie. I looked at the picks, saw that Debbie Doneker managed to go 2-2 on Sunday, and “The Shark” well he was 1-2. Wait just a second, I also took the Packers Monday night, and I think you all know the rest. So we played to a tie 2-2 a piece. So what to do? Well treat you all to a second helping of Debbie, and try to break the tie. Don’t worry this week I actually created a tie-break system.

For those of you who may not have checked it out last week, Debbie is all action! A true die hard football fan from Feasterville,Pa. just minutes from Philly. When she had heard about the tie, and saw my offer to go at it again, she hopped right to it. I don’t quit til I win people, and neither did Debbie. In fact she went as far as to share with us a neat little story, yes that I am going to repost, so we all know how it really went down Deb!

“Again, I’m a suburban girl with a city mouth. LOVE the ‘Iggles, so at least I was raised right. >:) I was once told I was someone’s favorite non-fictional character and, well, that’s the best way to describe me!”

Here’s a little known secret about moi … I am the sole reason we got T.O. When we lost to the Panthers in the NFC Conference game on that cold January 18th, AT HOME NO LESS, I was fed up, discouraged and drunk so I emailed the entire Philadelphia Eagles organization and told them they should pick him up. When they did, I claimed full responsibility (you’re welcome), and that entire dream season I DVR’d the games, analyzed them over the week and emailed my thoughts, opinions and advice to them. CLEARLY they listened to everything thus putting us smack dab at the head of the Superbowl run! Sadly though, Andy started getting teased that he was listening to a ‘girl’ and cut all ties with me after the NFC Championship game which ultimately led to us LOSING the ‘Bowl.

Now I may have never gotten any type of response from them, except for that pesky little restraining thinga-ma-bobber, but I know they listened to me. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

So now we know who to blame for that mess, huh? So after the tie “the Shark” now has a games record of 23-20-1 while the ladies are 22-22. I won’t count the week as a tie, because ties are like kissing your sister. I never had a sister, but if I did, i’m sure we would not be kissing! So let’s get on to the picks and see if we can end this little feud once and for all:

Debbie Chose:

Colts -7 vs Broncos
Vikings -7 vs Bengals
Eagles +2 at Giants
Chargers +3 at Cowboys

“The Shark” will take:

Packers -3.5 at Bears
Cardinals -3 at 49ers ( Monday Night )
Redskins -2 at Raiders
Jaguars -3 vs Dolphins

The tie breaker is Monday points. Debbie took 47 overall points and I have taken 44.

Somehow it means so much more to win the second time around. Alot of smack talk was traded between us, so here goes nothing Debbie!

I wanted to remind all of you loyal readers that we will be holding a photo voting contest for the ladies who have participated in the “Beat The Shark” contest at the end of the season. You will be asked to cast a vote for your favorite girl to be named “Miss Beat The Shark”.
Also remember to check out my fantasy football “Flash and Crash” article this Friday!

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