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Beat The Shark NFL Pick ‘Ems Contest For NFL Week 13

Beat the Shark Debbie“You’re not really a man if you take pride in beating a woman.” Hmm some (former) friend of mine had a few too much to drink on a certain evening, and well he had some sweet words for “The Shark”. Remember people, this is a competition, but a fun competition, let’s not get jealous over my dealings with beautiful girls and football on a weekly basis. Like they say “it’s a tough job but somebody has got to do it”. I vote for me to do it!

Speaking of beautiful girls, lets look back to last week and ahead to this week. This is why you really read, for the girls, am I right? I have yet to hear anyone ask for a photo of me, and chances are I won’t. Last week our lovely New York bartender Candice Albanese gave it a great effort but could only get a 2-2 record, while “The Shark” managed to go 3-1. So for the season “The Shark” has taken a slim lead of both 6-5 in weeks, and a 21-18-1 record in picks to the girls 20-20.

This week I bring you another fun and exciting new female, who will dazzle you with a great photo and will make you cheer for her to beat my butt! I bring to you Debbie Doneker from Feasterville, Pa, which is just outside of Philadelphia. Debbie is more then familiar with the game and is more then aware of the point system. She told me that she’s having quite a good season in picking. What luck, I had to find one with looks and total football knowledge, but hey its all about the challenge. Debbie gave me this brief scoop about herself “Ok, I’m a suburban girl with a city mouth. 🙂 LOVE the ‘Iggles, so at least I was raised right. >:) I was once told I was someone’s favorite non-fictional character and, well … that’s the best way to describe me!” Hey i’m always into non-ficition, but that’s one crazy way to describe someone. I guess it’s true that you learn something new everyday. So I will try and teach Debbie something new this week, how it feels to be turned aside by a guy! Judging from the pic i can guess it does’nt happen often! Thanks Debbie!

Ok so Debbie has chosen:

Steelers -10 vs Raiders
Colts -7 vs Titans
Eagles -4.5 at Falcons
Vikings -7 at Cardinals

Meanwhile “The Shark” will select:

Patriots -4 at Dolphins
Texans -1 at Jaguars
Packers -3 vs Ravens (Monday Night)
Seahawks +2 vs 49ers

As you all know the season is drawing to a close, so this is a very big week for both sides. Best of luck to you Debbie, you’re gonna need it!

I would like to remind everyone that at the end of the “Beat The Shark” season we will be showing you the photos of all the girls that have participated and will be asking you our loyal readers to choose one as the 2009 Miss Beat The Shark. The lucky winner will receive a prize and be used in future promos for “The Shark” and his contest.

Don’t forget to check out my fantasy football article “Flash and Crash” as well this week, right here at www.CamelClutchBlog.com

*Please note that this contest is run through Jeff Porrini. Eric Gargiulo and CamelClutchBlog.com is only used as a visual outlet. All prizes,actions,and procedures will be handled directly through Jeff Porrini and are not the responsiblity of this blog site and any other of its writers or contributors. All contestants have agreed to use an image of themselves, and have agreed to the terms of this contest that was detailed. All images are in use for this contest only and are not to be issued for any further usage without consent of the contestant. All images must be approved by camelclutchblog.com before posting. This contest is awarded on a prize basis and no gambling or money exchanges from any party at any time. “Beat The Shark” and “The Sharks Picks” are property of “Shark Tank Entertainment” and Jeff Porrini. Any misuse of content without consent is prohibited.

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at phillyphan1971@yahoo.com

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