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Beat The Shark Wrap Up and NFL Week 2 – Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Beat the Shark Contest Never let it be said that “The Shark” does not know how to eat crow! The first installment of “Beat The Shark” was downright ugly, unless of course you were rooting for our winner, Miss Denise St. John. Denise was an impressive 3-1 on the day as she picked the Giants, the Jets and the Saints. Her only loss was the Steelers who lost in the closing seconds to the Bears. “The Shark” however was soaking in misery watching the Packers, the Patriots and the Seahawks all go down, and it took the suprising Broncos to bail him out of a winless day. Ok so score the first week for the ladies, but don’t expect to see that very often. Denise had a field day yesterday sending all types of smack talk messages to “The Shark” and even this weeks contestant chimed in! Huh, I don’t advise making such a big fish so angry! Despite that I do need to say “well done” to Denise and now it shows the other ladies that it’s not so tough after all. Good luck next week!

Ok so onto my Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down portion of the weekly wrap up. I like to take time to praise some efforts from the past week or bash some people who say or do silly things. So here is how I saw it play out this week:

Thumbs Up:

To New York Jets cornerback Darelle Revis. Revis was heavily hyped this off-season by new head coach Rex Ryan, and all he has done to show for it was to silence 2 of the games superstar receivers, two fellas named Randy Moss and Andre Johnson, perhaps you’ve heard of them. Revis and the Jets are making believers out of NFL teams real quickly. The offense still needs some work, but it can’t be denied that Ryan knows how to set a defense.

To Titans running back Chris Johnson. Everyone has Adrian Peterson on the lips constantly when talking about the best back in the game today. Well slam on the brakes Peterson followers, Johnson can do it all! 197 yards of rushing plus 8 catches and 91 yards of receiving, plus 3 TDs? Maddening results for the guy who actually has to “share carries” with a slow footed LenDale White. Johnson proved to any nay-sayer that his rocket feet are for real. Despite another Titans loss this guy is quickly becoming one of the best in the game.

To 49ers coach Mike Singletary: The 49ers are actually 2-0 on this young season. Yes Singletary had his awkward moments after taking over mid-season last year, but he motivates these guys and has them believeing in themselves. He did not take the easy way out and go with Alex Smith at QB, despite all San Fran has wrapped up in him. No Crabtree, no problem. This team moves the football well and plays pretty good defense. Not sure what the future will bring but Singletary is a feel good story so far.

To Bears injured MLB Brain Urlacher: We see NFL players get hurt all the time. Alot of the time they will sit in a press box, or walk the sidelines like a 5 year old in a department store, bored stiff! Not Urlacher. Watching him pacing the sidelines, biting his nails, and pumping his teammates up during the Bears 17-14 win over the Steelers was downright inspiring. In these times of “in it for the money” type athletes, you get a great feel of passion and an all-out love of the game from Urlacher. He plays in the same city and same position once held by Mike Singletary (see above) and appears destined to follow his coaching footsteps as well.

Thumbs down to these clowns:

To the Detroit Lions: Losing 19 straight ball games is one thing, but to fall fast asleep in the second half 2 straight weeks is appauling. It looks as if they are more then satisfied to keep losing. They clearly had Minnesota on the ropes in this game through the first half then suddenly their (sarcasm inserted) Lionesque instincts took over. It was as if they worked all training camp just to be there that day to be spectators to what Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson could do. Its entering the realm of purely pathetic!

To Steelers coach Mike Tomlin: For the first time ever I have to say he looked totally confused. Last week he let Big Ben carry the team on his back and pull out a big win against the Titans. This week he tried to smash mouth and settle for a field goal late in the game against the Bears. He didn’t know who to put at RB and watched his offensive coordinator dial up 2 yard plays on 3rd and 8s etc. One of the most fiery coaches in the league allowed his team to finish punchless in this loss.

To Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown: Ok so Brown was very vocal in his displeasure with the team this off-season. Ok so he made up for it with a good week one performance. Although at first it made me chuckle I ended up throwing my thumb way down at his decision to wear a “Jason” mask out of the tunnel and run onto the field with it. Not that it was’nt fun, but you chose to do so against the toughest offense in football and in return the Saints dropped 48 points on you. you have to know somewhere that Sean Payton and his club are looking at that and mocking you heavily!

To the Saints running back Reggie Bush: This has nothing to do with living in Philly and watching this game first hand. I recall a few years back when Bush was laid out during a playoff game on a huge hit by Sheldon Brown. So what does Bush do for an encore? He makes every attempt he can to injure any Eagle he could. Going up high on an Eagle defender after an interception, lunging hs body uselessly out of bounds after a run and falling on the head of a defenseless Asante Samuel, and taking a swat at an Eagle player after a punt return that went nowhere. There were a few other bits that Bush tried to show his moxy, and it was totally pathetic. Your team was whooping it up so you now decide to play tough guy? Try staying off the IR and stop kissing Kardashian butt, then you can act tough!

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    I'll get a LOT of site promotion out there for you & Eric! You guys are both great!!!! 🙂
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