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Beat The Shark Wrap Up and NFL Week 4 – Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Beat the Shark contest If I may start off with a quote from legendary sportscaster Al Michaels:
“Do you believe in miracles? YES!”

Okay, so after 2 weeks of pure torture, “The Shark” got back some swagger. Contestant Carrie DeHart gave it her all, but in the end “The Shark” finally sunk his teeth in to the victory cake! “The Shark” came away with a 3-1 record yesterday as I chose the 49ers, the Colts, and the Texans, with the only setback being the Bills (geez how bad are they, really?). Carrie on the other hand settled for just a 1-3 day, as she was let down by the Ravens, the Titans (ok I apologize to the Bills) and the Bengals who didn’t cover. Her only win came from the Giants. So after this week “The Shark” has gotten more respectable with an overall 6-6 record, while the girls fall to 7-5. It’s really heating up now, and plenty of more time to go!

Ok so now that my bragging is behind us, it’s time for what may be my favorite segment, “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down”, my weekly praise or bashing of people from the past week.

Thumbs Up:

To the entire NFL.
What a fantastic display for Breast Cancer Awareness. Ok so in a manly game like football there may not be alot of time for the color pink, but yesterday it was mixed in with class and style as the NFL showed its support for this great cause. Several players wore pink shoes, and the coaches had pink brimmed caps. Also logos were installed on jerseys and helmets.In some stadiums the cheerleaders were dressed in all pink uniforms. They always say “every little bit helps” and the NFL yesterday went all out to give it that little bit. Perhaps my biggest thumbs up ever!

To Brandon Marshall.
Sometimes we watch a boy become a man right before our very eyes. Marshalls off-season was just brutal. He was dogging it in practice, ripping his new coach, facing more law issues and was looking for more money. Head coach Josh McDaniels in so many words made it clear to him that this would not work. Marshall seemed to have taken that advice and used it to better himself.

Marshall’s work ethic has been called, “his best ever” by many teammates. Also a great moment after his 51 yard touchdown catch to beat Dallas, a true photo moment as the alleged big mouth, prima donna receiver hugged and embraced his coach. Maybe a turn for the better? Maybe with guys like Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald etc, others are learning you don’t need a big mouth to be a great receiver.

To Giants receiver Steve Smith.
In sports there is always that, “changing of the guard” moment and yesterday may have been one of those. I’m sure it’s more widely noticed to fantasy football fans, but this Steve Smith seems to have emerged as the “new” Steve Smith. With no disrespect to Carolinas version, the Giants version has stepped it up big time. 2 more TDs yesterday, along with over 100 yards receiving, and some fantastic acrobatics and runs after catch. The big question mark going into this season was who, if anyone would possibly become a player in this receiving corp. How admirable for a young man with mediocre expectations to just go out and get it done. Nice job Mr. Smith.

To the things that have stunned us so far.
Here’s to the 4-0 Broncos, the 3-1 Bengals, the 3-1 49ers, a guy named Mike Sims-Walker (what is it with Jacksonville and guys with hyphens?), the success of Kyle Orton, a quiet T.O. and all kinds of other wild stuff we have seen in the first quarter of this season. Parody is what keeps sports exciting and not knowing what you will get from one week to the next is why we truly love football!!

Oh and i’ll sneak in a 5th thumbs up to “The Shark”.
Finally got a win in his own contest and 4-0 in our fantasy football league! (cheap plug, but I deserve it).

Thumbs down:

To the entire Titans football team.
This is just a disgrace! 0-4? You have a great running back in Chris Johnson, an up and coming WR corp, 10 of the 11 starters from last years defense, and a good coach. I am totally confused as to why this team is so bad? Whatever it is, it stinks, and I won’t waste anymore of the readers time!

To the referees and the confusion of this “defenseless receiver” rule.
I am not into the violence of a guy being laid out, but come on know, it’s football. 3 different times yesterday I saw referees throw flags on defensive backs for making shoulder to shoulder hits ot shoulder to body hits. The rule states you can not lead with your helmet or go to the helmet of a receiver who can not defend himself. The calls yesterday made you think you were watching touch football. If this rule is to be in place, then these calls need to be reviewed by the booth. 2 of the 3 calls led to drives continuing and points being scored. Im for the rule, but lets call it correctly.

Bills coach Dick Jaroun.
If you are not fired by the time this story is printed, then you should be. After an impressive start on Monday Night Football, and a victory, this team has become a mess. Fred Jackson was quickly becoming one of the best backs in the game, but what do you do when Marshawn Lynch comes back from suspension? You give Jackson garbage time in a sickening looking blow-out to a winless Miami team. Terrell Owens says, “I’m just going with the plays that are called” or to interpret in my own words “hes going with the garbage plays that are called”. This team became a mess overnight, and you have to look no further then this coach who had no success as a head coach coming in. Get him out while you still can savage something.

To broadcaster Rich Gannon.
In “McNabb” type fashion, Gannon stuck his foot right in his mouth near the end of overtime during the Bengals 23-20 win over the Browns. Head coach Marvin Lewis called a timeout with just 7 seconds left in OT. Gannon replied by saying, “I just don’t get this at all, if you leave time on the clock it forces you to have to kickoff to the dangerous Josh Cribbs if you make this field goal” Really? Ever hear of sudden death overtime? The field goal would have ended the game at that point. Ok so we make mistakes and Gannon kind of chuckled at himself after realizing, but it’s such a bad error I can’t possibly let it fall unnoticed.

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