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Beat the Shark – NFL Weekly Pick ‘Em Contest

Beat the Shark ContestIt’s time to play “Beat The Shark” My weekly football pick em contest!

Hello again friends and readers! Well we have seen that NFL football season is off and running,and with that it is time to introduce all of you to a little contest I like to call “Beat The Shark”

What is it you ask? It is a weekly contest where I take on one person head to head in picking 4 NFL football games for the upcoming week and go against there 4 picks! The games are picked using the standard point-spread system. Ok so I know what you’re thinking: “Ugh, just another guy making picks, trying to look smart about football”. Well you are so incorrect, and as you read you will see what makes this contest so very special for you the reader as well as the contestants!

[adinserter block=”1″]Let me give it a brief introduction. A few years back a bunch of my female friends had been ripping me about how men “never give women a chance in sports” or how “women can bet football and play fantasy football just as good as you guys can”. They had started to ask why I never write anything that is of interest to women? So I got to thinking, why not make them prove it too me, and see just how well women can follow football. So using the available social networks I would make some picks and let female friends go against me. Back then it was played for a drink or a dinner or some bragging rights for the winner. Now with the allowance of this great blog site, I will take it to a much broader scale!

So here is what you will see. Each week I will go one on one with a new lovely female contestant. I will write a new article featuring our picks and some nice juicy quotes and smack talk about why we each think we will win that week. But for the reader, I hand picked some very fun spirited, attractive and rowdy females who will be submitting a photo of themselves as well. Remember to view the photo as well as the picks, and at the end of the season you, the readers, will get to vote for them and crown one “Miss Beat The Shark”! On a given week anyone who dare “Beat The Shark” will win a nice “I Beat The Shark T-shirt” compliments of yours truly, then a new article will be posted of the smack talk that I will endure from losing. (dont expect to see many of these people). Sounds pretty exciting huh?

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun this gets to be through the season. Girls view the page more and begin to rally behind the female contestants. Men begin to look down on me for losing. Smack talk and humble pie are a regular dish served up this time of the year. So I encourage you to follow along this season, root for your favorite girl(s), or root on for “The Shark”. Either way you see great football articles and some fun females, it’s truly a win-win situation!

Remember to see first hand when the picks are made plus additional smack talking that may go on behind the scenes, feel free to follow me on Facebook.

Now a short disclaimer about my contest:

[adinserter block=”2″]*Please note that this contest is run through Jeff Porrini. Eric Gargiulo and CamelClutchBlog.com is only used as a visual outlet. All prizes,actions,and procedures will be handled directly through Jeff Porrini and are not the responsiblity of this blog site and any other of its writers or contributors. All contestants have agreed to use an image of themselves, and have agreed to the terms of this contest that was detailed. All images are in use for this contest only and are not to be issued for any further usage without consent of the contestant. All images must be approved by camelclutchblog.com before posting. This contest is awarded on a prize basis and no gambling or money exchanges from any party at any time. “Beat The Shark” and “The Sharks Picks” are property of “Shark Tank Entertainment” and Jeff Porrini. Any misuse of content without consent is prohibited.

Thank you everyone, and good luck!

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at phillyphan1971@yahoo.com

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