Beat The Shark Wrap Up and NFL Week 3 – Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down


Beat the Shark contest Perhaps a little pep talk from the Detroit Lions would do “The Shark” some good? Heck even they got a win this past week, after 19 straight losses. Yes friends and fellow readers oh yes and the ladies too, “The Shark” went down again yesterday at the hands of the lovely Karyn Albanese. Karyn pulled off the victory going 3-1 as she took the Eagles, the Jets (uggg), and pulled out a late victory with the Bears.

Her only lost was the Texans. Meanwhile your beloved Shark had a 2-2 day, watching in misery as the Bengals dropped the Steelers in the closing seconds and the Titans dropped yet another. The 2 wins came courtesy of the Patriots and the Broncos. So for the season the ladies are a cool 6-2 while “The Shark” is a poor 3-5. Lets give a hand to Karyn on a job well done though. The ladies are having a great time letting me have it on my Facebook page, something has go to give this week! If not Fox Network will be coming to me with its newest reality show, “So you think you know football?”, I shutter the thought!

Ok so with that out of the way, lets get to the “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down” portion of the article. This is where I take a few minutes to praise or bash some people in the NFL after week 3.

Thumbs Up:

To New York Jets coach Rex Ryan:
Yes I was not at all sold on the Jets, but Ryan has me believing in them after their 3-0 start. But he gets this thumb for more then that. He also went out on a limb and benched WR David Clowney for Clowney’s useage of Twitter to bash his team for a lack of playing time. It does not seem like these players want to learn, but Ryan stood firm and issued the benching. This guy is no-nonsense much like his father, Buddy. The team is winning, he is in complete control of all of it, and the Jets are now a serious name in the NFL. If he can take the Saints down in New Orleans in week 4, he may get the entire thumbs up section all to himself next week.

To Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz:
They Win! They Win! Yes football fans the Lions have broken that 19 game losing streak by beating the hopeless looking Washington Redskins 19-14. I commend the fans and the players that have stuck with it. I give a very big thumb for Schwartz, the first year coach who learned from the best “player coach” in the game, Titans Jeff Fisher. After the win Schwartz and his players roamed the sidelines and shook hands with fans and thanked Detroit for staying with them. Then later that night he interviewed with Bob Costas during Sunday Night Football and said “He wanted his guys to have this moment, but next week back to work, we can’t treat every win like a Super Bowl”. No you can’t Jim, but enjoy this one, you guys earned it!

To Terrell Owens:
What? Is this real? Yes people I am always a big Owens basher, but on this day I give him a bit of credit. I listened to his post game press conference, and I don’t know if it’s an aging player realizing its coming to an end, or a guy who had just grown up, but Owens was not going to be forced into a war of words with his teammates. After the 27-7 loss to the Saints, in which Owens did not catch a single pass, a reporter dogged Owens, asking him if he “wanted to take a shot at his QB” “If he thought the play calling is fair”, “does he think he and Lee Evans are being wasted”, and ” what do you think Trent Edwards is thinking”. There was more awful questions but Owens responded like a man with stuff of the team didn’t execute, we had a bad week, I run the plays that are called etc. Owens would not attack his team or his QB no matter how hard this jerk of a reporter tried. Maybe he wanted to, but he didn’t so for this week he gets my thumb in the air.

To Minnesota Vikings receiver Greg Lewis:
Dwight Clark may have made “The Catch” as far as NFL history goes, but Lewis, who had been brought in as a 5th WR last week by Brad Childress who knew him in Philly, may have made it for Brett Favre. With just 2 seconds left on the clock Favre heaved a desperation pass in the corner of the end zone, and Lewis just simply grabbed it over 2 defenders, defied gravity, then defied human nature as he tapped danced his toes from each foot barely inside the boundary lines for the game winning TD. Here is a guy who just wants to play. Cut by Philadelphia and New England this season, the humble Lewis said ” I wasn’t even suppose to be out there. I was only in because Percy (Harvin) was winded from running 7 straight fly patterns”. But what made it even more funny was that Favre said afterward ” I didn’t even know that guy was on the team, I hadn’t even heard his name until after he caught that pass”. Talk about your 15 minutes of fame. Nice work Greg!

Thumbs Down:
To Derek Anderson of the Cleveland Browns:

Was this the effort of a former Pro Bowl QB who was anxious to get his job back? The Browns had decided to go with Brady Quinn at QB and yes Anderson had taken it like a man. It appears that he now has the intention of getting the Browns back by playing horribly if called upon. Anderson threw 3 terrible interceptions, falling down on a blade of grass, putting nothing on the board? This is how you show your coach that you belong in the game? The Browns appear to be in serious trouble and so does the career of Anderson. At least give us 1 TD, this was just awful. You can’t even give us the “we played the Ravens” excuse. Brodie Croyle got TDs on them, yes Brodie Croyle.

To the entire offensive line of the Arizona Cardinals:
I think “offensive” is the proper word. Ok so I know the Colts have 2 very good pass rushers in Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, but this performance was down right sad. QB Kurt Warner looked about ready to cry after the abuse his o-line let him suffer. Warner was knocked down 14 times, sacked 5 times, and running for his very life. Not to mention no holes at all for a running game against one of the most poor run defenses in football. I felt Warners pain from my living room. He had no time to think, overthrowing and bouncing balls to WRs just to save his body. Man he’s sore today, and that line should be hanging their heads in disgust.

To Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt:
Sticking with this game, because this may be the most sickening thing I’ve seen in a long time. With a minute left to go and his team down by 21 points, Whisenhunt tells Warner his night is done and tells former first round pick, and USC hero Matt Leinart to warm up. So he does his thing, gets all set, then Whisenhunt is seen on the sidelines telling him to just kneel on the ball? A great piece of camera work shows Leinart responding to his coach with “What, kneel on it, are you kidding me?” Ok so I don’t really go for players second guessing coaches, but what the heck? This kid has sat back and has accepted his role behind Warner. He has seen little action in his career, and now you want him to clean up your mess by taking a knee? Man if this team didn’t make the Super Bowl last year, I think I’d have to ask for Whisenhunts head!

To Redskins owner Dan Snyder:
It’s over buddy, it’s over. You now go down in history for allowing the Lions to snap a 19 game losing streak under your watch. Come on already. Every year the same thing, sign big name free-agents for insane money and watch them fail to get you anything. Watching Albert Haynesworth get carted off was truly the tip of the iceberg. Granted he returned, but he is just another big money draw by Snyder to act like a super owner, meanwhile this team plays awful football. You hire half-witted coaches like Jim Zorn to try and look like a smart guy if he produces, well he doesn’t. Nothing seems to be going right for this franchise and I am enjoying it. Snyder wants to be Jerry Jones, but he produces more like Jesus Jones, simply a one-hit wonder. The ‘Skins gave you 1 playoff appearance, but that’s all you get, a one-hit wonder.

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