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Beat The Shark Wrap Up And Other News From NFL Week 14

Beat the Shark DebbieNobody likes to lose. Even worse nobody likes to praise the opponent when they lose. Hey, that is what I promised to every contestant of this “Beat The Shark” this season, a blog dedicated to singing the praises of a winning performance. Yes to be humble is ugly, but nevertheless has to be done!

So I come out this week and say congrats to Debbie Doneker. After the tie 2 weeks ago, Debbie was more then anxious to jump back into the “Shark Tank” and take another shot at beating me. Not only did she win, but she finished a perfect 4-0 to “The Sharks” piddly 2-2. Of course she was quick to text message me and let it be known that she had beat me. I can’t say I blame her though, texting me that is, i’m the guy everyone wants to be around! So after all that we are now tied again, 6 wins for “The Shark” and 6 for the ladies. Overall in games its now 26-22 for the ladies and 24-21-1 for me.

With the holiday coming up, I wanted to wish each and every reader a very happy holiday season to you and your family. We get so caught up in sports sometimes that we forget to take the time to count blessing for what we have!

Ok, so now back to the action. Week 14 saw some major stuff in the NFL, and well in the past I used to thumb up and thumb down stuff, now I would just like to point out some great stuff and some bad stuff without getting all “story” on you all.

So lets hear some appluase for:

Brandon Marshall and his record breaking 21 receptions against the Colts this past week. I think he has put his off-season mess well behind him.

Chris Johnson and his amazing season as it continues. Johnson passed the 2000 yard mark from scrimmage this past week, and is the 5th fastest to do so in a single season.

Bill Belichek, telling the Panthers exactly how it is. The Panthers players were saying that their game plan forced Randy Moss to, “quit” this past weekend. Belicheks response was “that’s alot of talk from a team that had just lost yet another game”. Is this guy still the coolest customer in the league?

Brady Quinn and the Browns, finally snapping the curse of the Steelers. Not only did you end that 12 game skid vs Pittsburgh,but put a dent in their playoff chase.

The Colts and The Saints as they continue the “Pursuit of Perfection”

The toughness of Matt Schaub. Arm in a brace? No big deal, just throw for over 300 yards and a couple of touchdowns. Who does’nt love Andre Johnson?

Feel free to BOO at:

The Arizona Cardinals. Was that Monday night game real? This was the team that beat the Vikings?

The fantasy football players that cheered when Larry Fitzgerald got hurt Monday night.Come on,admit it you know you did.How terrible!

The referees. Yes I know your jobs are tough, but the whistle blows now more then in the NBA!

Heck, the NFL itself. Do you really need to fine a guy for wearing a Sombrero on the sidelines?

NFL network and its awful Thursday night broadcast. Always losing sound and freezing screens, bad announcer in Bob Papa, and poor games. Kill this thing already!

Ok so that’s all for me,for now anyway. Check back this week for more fun stuff, including “The Sharks” Sports Wish List to Santa, a Championship Flash and Crash and lots of other great stuff right here at

Also remember to check out my fantasy football “Flash and Crash” article this Friday!

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at

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