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Beat The Shark NFL Pick ‘Ems Contest For NFL Week 12

Beat The Shark CandiceBy the time you read this all of the Thanksgiving festivities will be over. All the food will be eaten, and the family and friends will go back to life as they know it. I just simply wanted to give thanks for the fact that last week was well behind me after getting clobbered in this contest. So as I sat and talked with old friends at my 20 year high school reunion, and heard about how funny it was to watch me get beat by girls in a football pick contest, I realized it was tme to get serious!

With that here I stand with my 11th installment of “Beat The Shark”. Last week, I could only manage 1 victory while my opponent Morisa Conner had a great day going 3-1. Hey I guess it isn’t always going to be my week, and I learned a valued lesson about running my mouth. So here is how it all stands: The ladies and I are tied with 5 wins each in the overall weeks, and they have the slight edge in games with a record of 19-17 against my 18-17-1, time to shape up here!

This week I attempt to work the revenge factor to motivate myself. Remember all the way back to week 2 (yes the season has gone by that fast) when I was destroyed by New York girl Karyn Albanese? Well this week I’m going one on one with her sister Candice, and I will try and settle the score. As always I have found another fun and exciting opponent with the beautiful looks and the desire to show me up! Candice admits she’s not quite as football educated as her sister, but she makes it quite clear that it won’t take that to beat me.”Hey you! I can’t really promise you anything but I’ll try! I live in Staten Island and I have been bartending for the last 12 yrs. I was born into a Jets household but I do love the Eagles. Haha my interests! I’m def a reality show junkie/couch potato!!! Now why I’m interested in beating you, lol that’s an easy one! I wanna see if someone like me who doesn’t really know much about the game can kick ur butt you big shot sweater vest wearing facebook junkie!” Ok is that the biggest call out I have had yet or what? Hey you can pick on my clothes, you can pick on my internet obsessions, but nobody mocks my picks (well they can if I don’t win huh?).

Ok so now on to the picks, let’s see if I can get back on the winning track or if I get swept by the lovely sisters.

Candice chose:

Dolphins -3.5 at Buffalo
Vikings -11 vs Bears
Colts -4 at Texans
Eagles -8 vs Washington

“The Shark” will take:

Steelers -3 at Ravens
Buccaneers +13 at Falcons
Seahawks -3 at Rams
Titans +3 vs Cardinals

Ok so my picks may not look anywhere near as good as Candice’s photo, but I will give it my best. Good luck to her and good luck to everyone in week 12!

*Please note that this contest is run through Jeff Porrini. Eric Gargiulo and is only used as a visual outlet. All prizes,actions,and procedures will be handled directly through Jeff Porrini and are not the responsiblity of this blog site and any other of its writers or contributors. All contestants have agreed to use an image of themselves, and have agreed to the terms of this contest that was detailed. All images are in use for this contest only and are not to be issued for any further usage without consent of the contestant. All images must be approved by before posting. This contest is awarded on a prize basis and no gambling or money exchanges from any party at any time. “Beat The Shark” and “The Sharks Picks” are property of “Shark Tank Entertainment” and Jeff Porrini. Any misuse of content without consent is prohibited.

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