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Sports AccessoriesHey readers how are you? My name is Tony Kim I work as a marketing analyst for and while I was on the job doing link trades I came across this wonderful blog. I had to email Eric right away to see if we can incorporate Accessorygeeks some way. I am a big Lakers, Dodgers, and Chargers fan. (Can you tell I’m from So-cal?) I love playing sports and I love talking about sports.

The beauty of sports to my eyes is that it’s an open book where these athletes get geared up and write their own stories on game time. I can never forget the shot that Derek Fisher sank in .4 seconds, or the heart sinking shots by Robert Horry. Its one big rollercoaster and I love every single moment of it.

[adinserter block=”1″]Well I think that’s enough about me, but today I am sitting @ my cubicle and will be writing about technology and how accessories and gadgets go hand in hand with Fans. It’s Sunday afternoon, and you get a call from a buddy. He wants you to come over and watch the game with him, so you agree and head over to his house. Walk in the door way and what do you see? A huge 62 inch Sony TV from 1994. What a bummer it almost makes you not want to watch the game anymore. With the rise of HDTV most football fans enjoy their games on the clear screen. Sports fans have to be tech savvy and be up to date with their technology.

[adinserter block=”2″]Then we jump on the topic of accessories. It’s ridiculous how many accessories are out there for fans to use to represent their team. There are cell phone covers, lanyards, mouse pads, Car Stickers, Pens…I can go for days. It’s important you distinguish yourself from others and accessorize with the latest team gear. I get all my latest team accessories for my phone from

They have a great selection of NCAA, NFL, NBA, NFL products. So make sure you visit them. Not only did they have cool sports products but really great other cell phone accessories as well. You will be hearing more about them in the future. Until then go get updated with your electronics!

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