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Another Year, Another Mess For College Football

Tim TebowYear after year there always seems to be a mess within the BCS rankings in College Football. There is always several teams deserving of making it to the NCAA Championship game, but fail to do so because of their ranking in the BCS.

If a team has more than one loss then they most likely can forget about being in contention for the title. As of right now there are a total of six teams who are undefeated in the whole country. That is right, six teams are undefeated and four of them will not be able to win the NCAA title. Utah has had two undefeated seasons in the past decade and has not been able to play for the national championship which is ludicrous. Who could forget about Boise State several years ago going undefeated and beating Oklahoma? It is a shame that those two teams Utah and Boise State were not eligible to play in the title game just because of their strength of schedule which is determined by a computer. It makes no sense that a team who is undefeated or even has one loss doesn’t get that opportunity to get a chance to win a championship.

[adinserter block=”1″]As a youngster I still remember to this day when Penn State was undefeated during the 1994 season but they did not win the NCAA championship. Nebraska who was also undefeated won the championship that season. In fact, they didn’t even have championship games to determine a winner; they just had College Bowl games. It is sickening to me that all of these teams never got the chance to compete in a championship game.

Another issue is the fact that there are two ranking systems which are the BCS rankings and the AP Poll Rankings. Heck, there is even a USA Today Poll for college football. It is absurd that there is more than one ranking system for college football. It would be much simpler to get rid of the BCS ranking system which is determined by a computer. They might as well just keep the AP Poll Rankings and let officials decide who should be ranked where.

[adinserter block=”2″]The biggest issue here is that many teams don’t get a chance to compete for a National Title. There have been talks about a playoff system which is the solution to the problem. Yet, the trigger has not been pulled for this because of several issues. The main issues for those that don’t want a playoff system are academics and a longer season. I understand that academics are important, but there is the NCAA Basketball March Madness and if those guys can play thirty to forty games a season why can’t college football players. If there would be a playoff system, I would have the top eight teams play in a tournament to decide a champion. Yes, there would be several more games played, but at least it would give more teams a chance to compete. Every major sport as some type of tournament, and it is time for College Football to start one.

Derek Lentz is from Pottstown, PA and has been a huge Philadelphia Sports fan over the last fifteen years. He loves talking about sports, wrestling, mixed martial arts, and movies. You can check out his blog at http://dlentzs.blogspot.com/

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  1. And who gets screwed over the most by this mess? The players and the fans of course!!!! Whats unfortunate is the people who have the most control over all of this are TV executives and the sponsors of the bowls themselves.

    College football needs a playoff, but I doubt you will see one set up any time soon due to how much money is at stake. These bowls generate alot of revenue for the television channels that air the games (mostly ABC and FOX for the big games and ESPN too) and more importantly the sponsors of the games themselves. Do think executives from Tostitos (Fiesta Bowl), FedEx (Orange Bowl), Citi (Rose Bowl) or All State (Sugar Bowl) have any interest in changing a system which generates millions for them every year?

    The choice they have to make then is do the right thing and figure out a playoff system, (which is the way championships are decided in every other sport), or keep things the way they while screwing over the people who fatten their wallets (the fans and the players)

    And we all know this is an easy decision for them………..


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