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BBC’s Carol Kirkwood is Engaged But Who is the Fiancé?

Scottish weather presenter Carol Kirkwood who is popular for being the weather presenter on BBC’s Breakfast has reportedly entered a new phase of her life. According to several sources, the 59-year-old presenter has been engaged and we are elated for her. But who is Carol engaged to? Let us see who the 59-year-old has been hitched to.

But before that let us also know how the bubble of Carol’s engagement broke in. The BBC presenter while presenting one of her forecasts was spotted wearing a shiny diamond ring on her ring finger. This happened during her presentation at Chelsea Flower Show 2022. As soon as fans and viewers spotted her ring, people started wondering whether Carol has been engaged.

How Did Engagement News Break Out?

Not keeping things private for long, the presenter confirmed the same. Kirkwood’s fellow presenter Sally Nugent pointed to her ring and posed her with the question stating “I’m a little worried about how you’re going to stand up with that huge rock on your left hand.” Not hesitating for even a bit, Carol replied “Thank you Sal. I got engaged”.

The conversation continued when Sally replied “It’s wonderful news! We are completely overjoyed. Congratulations. Can we confirm what occurred to the nation?”  “Thank you very much!” Carol smiled, “I guess you just have Sally.”

“We got engaged while on vacation. So it’s wonderful news, and we’re both ecstatic. Many thanks!” Carol said.  “On behalf of everyone here and at home,” Jon Kay, who is apparently replacing Dan Walker, continued, “we’re all very chuffed for you Carol.”

Carol also described how things went ahead. She stated “We went out for a picnic and I had absolutely no idea. The weather was wonderful, we were sitting chatting, and then my other half was a wee bit worried for some reason that I didn’t know, and he was fumbling in his pocket, and out came a ring. I didn’t believe him at first because I thought he was joking,” she continued, “but it was great, it was quite sweet.” But who actually Carol is engaged to? Let us know.

Who is Carol’s Fiance?

Carol Kirkwood has kept her new partner’s identity a secret, but she spoke about him in 2021. She gushed, “He always prepares me a cup of tea before I go to work, which is quite romantic — it’s 2.45 am and he often leaves me a love note when I get home.” That’s worth a million flowers to me.”

Carol said, “He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, without a question.” Carol lost her cat Donald in 2020 and lived alone in Bray, Maidenhead until she met her fiance. In 2016, she said, “I’m quite satisfied with my relationship situation.” I’m taken. Since I’d just started dating, it didn’t matter.” Hence, Carol has decided to keep the name of her future husband private.



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