‘Baymax!’: Everything to Know About the Big Hero 6 Sequel Series


“Are you satisfied with your care?”

Did you hear that Baymax is returning? How do I know that? Well duh, it’s in the name of the sequel. Yes, the sequel for Big Hero 6 is very real and it is happening sooner than you can guess. Disney announced the official reveal of the sequel to the popular animated movie back in May.

Interested now? Well, if you are also looking for any information about the sequel of Big Hero 6 which has been titled “Baymax!”, then you need not go anywhere because we have compiled all the information for you here starting from what is it about and everything else including the release date of the sequel series.

Here is everything we know about the sequel so far:

What Is Big Hero 6 About?

Big Hero 6 followed the story of Hiro Hamada, a young prodigy of robotics. Hiro loses his brother Tadashi in a tragic accident. To make up for the empty place his brother left in his heart, Hiro starts his brother’s creation Baymax, an inflatable healthcare companion.

Hiro soon learns that his brother’s death was not an accident and goes on a journey for revenge along with Baymax and the friends of his brother’s. They all team up and form a team of high-tech heroes.

What Is “Baymax!”?

“Baymax!” is going to be one of the follow-up series of the events of Big Hero 6. Yes, it will not be a movie but an animated series instead. Another similar series named “Big Hero 6: The Series” was released up to three seasons on the Disney Channel previously that featured the escapades of Hiro and his team after Big Hero 6.

BAYMAX! Trailer and Plot

Disney released the first look at “Baymax!” back in November 2021 which featured Baymax, but not in an armored suit. Instead, he was going around doing what he was originally intended for, being a healthcare companion to people in need.

Then on National Streaming Day on May 20, Disney released a brand new trailer for the series. In this one, we could also see Hiro who is searching for Baymax who appeared to have wandered away from home. Baymax is actually seen causing havoc in the city while chasing to pet a skittish cat.

But this time too, Baymax will do anything to help out the needy ones, even if he has to wreck the whole city doing that.

Baymax! Release Date and How to Watch?

The first episode of “Baymax!” is scheduled to stream on 29 June 2022. The next episodes will follow a weekly schedule and release every Wednesday. Meaning that the last episode will air on 3 August. The timing for such shows is usually around 3 am Est so keep an eye out at that time.

The six-episode series will be exclusively available on Disney+ so better recharge your subscriptions by then.


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