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Bayley’s Free Fall and Other WWE Thoughts

Could someone please explain to me what WWE is doing with Bayley and why has the popular women’s star on Monday Night Raw has taken a tumble of epic proportions?

After watching her interview with Corey Graves Monday, on the heels of a “This is Your Life” segment three weeks back that was one of the worst moments in wrestling television, is the company purposely tearing down the former NXT and WWE champion? This isn’t a Jamie Summers’ moment. This is the Bionic Woman rebuilding herself. What I witnessed and other fans as well, is someone who seems a bit lost on WWE’s main roster.

Someone send out an APB on her character. Someone might want to think about repackaging her. And while many of my friends said it would never work, maybe the company should think seriously about a heel turn for the “hugger” of the company.

Bayley’s shtick in NXT was perfect – the girl next door who everyone identified with. NXT presented a more intimate locale for her “next door neighbor” character. It was cheesy, sometimes campy and came across as genuine. Now, it looks like she is pushing too hard, trying to fit in – like the freshman in high school with the coke bottle glasses.

Contrary to belief, this wasn’t an issue I had growing up.

Now that Bayley has been removed from the main event picture for the moment, will the company book her and her “story” as the true comeback movie fans love to watch? Can she win another Women’s Title? Will she ever face a heel Sasha Banks, which could bring out the best in both of them once more?

For someone who is perfect for the baby face side of this division, she has taken a fall faster than Ahmed Johnson and Dolph Ziggler.

The Greatness of Samoa Joe

There is no doubt WWE made the right move having Samoa Joe go over at Extreme Rules, winning the right to face Brock Lesnar at the “Great Balls of Fire” pay-per-view in four weeks. The bad ass heel is just what WWE needs right now and appears up to the task in facing “The Beast Incarnate.”

WWE has allowed Joe to evolve in a short amount of time, but has also put him over as the next heel up in the company. For everything that might have been planned for Braun Strowman, Joe offers the company many more options moving forward. Joe’s ability on the mic and in the ring, matching up well with Lesnar’s size and ability, could mean a huge change for Strowman upon his return.

I’m not sure if WWE has thought about it, but a babyface turn could work for the big guy.

Also, once Joe wins the title, and he will, it opens the door for feuds with Roman Reigns, Finn Balor and possible Bray Wyatt.

Trapped in Space

While Dean Ambrose’s feud with The Miz has been entertaining and solid in its growth, it must come to an end. There isn’t much more WWE can squeeze out of this confrontation.

Ambrose appears headed for a program with Elias Samson. The Miz is a different story as there are a few wrestlers who could step into Ambrose’s spot. Personally, I’d love to see Reigns challenge him for the Intercontinental Title. Putting Seth Rollins in the same spot is also a possibility as is Balor.

By subtracting this feud, WWE creates many more opportunities, one not lost on me is the idea of Ambrose turning heel and facing Rollins at SummerSlam.

The Miz and his “misfortunes” with Maryse lately have been perfect for the feud, but at some point, the power couple must go back to what they are good at – serving as the red team’s top antagonists. Also, a feud with Reigns will help the big man with his mic skills. The Miz will put Reigns over – which will also lead to another mid-card belt for the former Shield member.

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