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Batista’s WWE Title Run: Why Give a Title to an Injured Dog

batista This past Sunday at Extreme Rules, Batista won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton in a seven minute match inside a solid steel cage. After watching the pay-per-view, I was wondering why the steel cage match was very short. One of the sites I check on a regular basis had a article about Batista having a torn tricep.

Batista had surgery done to his injured arm this week. On Raw the following night, the angle of the night was Batista had two choices for Orton’s rematch clause, either (a) show up and defend the title after being brought to the hospital or (b) not show up and forfeit the title to Orton. We were a guaranteed a new WWE Champion, which put a smile on this fans face.

The thing is: I’ve never been a Batista fan. He does not have really any moves in his arsenal, and the WWE wants him to be one of their top dogs. Batista fought with King Booker and Booker was World Heavyweight Champion in the summer of 2006. I wouldn’t want a guy who fought with legends in the back as my top guy. I don’t know the story and it’s none of my business, so I don’t need to know what happened. But the little interviews I’ve heard about the brawl behind the cameras, in my honest opinion, Batista was in the wrong. I may be wrong. In ways, I hope I am. But that’s a strike in both guys’ hats where I stand.

Batista can only do what, a spinebuster, the sit-down powerbomb (that I entitled the ‘Steriod-Bomb’ on Sunday while watching Extreme Rules), what whatever moves, I don’t know, nothing comes to mind. Me personally, I am more of a traditional wrestling guy. In days of professional wrestling today, guys like Chris Jericho, guys like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Randy Orton, Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, who can actually wrestle, I enjoy. Such legends of yesteryear like Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Bret Hart, I enjoy, and I believe one part of wrestlers today needs to study those guys and watch their moves set and how to incorporate wrestling moves in their set.

I am on a tangent. Back to the main story, Batista. If the company knew that their top guy is injured, why put the title on him? And if they did, why in the world would they pull the storyline they did on Raw the next night? Come on! And if the company said that if the champion doesn’t show up, he’ll lose the title, then by all rights, strip him of the title! Its storylines and swerves like this that is turning me away from watching every Monday night.

And even when the guy who was injured, the only reason why he held his fourth World title was he was threaten to leave the company if not given the title. What a great eight-day reign and a great way to kill Jericho’s heat. Thanks Batista for the great memories, or the lack there-of.

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