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Batista’s Evolution to Relevancy in Hollywood

So Batista is a hit in Hollywood. Let me say that again, just in case you weren’t listening or thought you may have misheard me; Batista is a hit in Hollywood. Blowing your mind? Yeah, me too.

[adinserter block=”1″]Not only is he a hit, he’s actually in demand right now. Batista has reached a place that every Superstar who has ever ventured outside the safe environment of WWE has dreamed of; relevancy in pop culture. Think that doesn’t mean much to any of these guys? Think again.

We’ve seen it for years and the trend just keeps continuing. From Jesse Ventura and Terry Funk to Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper, one star after another has put his best foot forward in Tinseltown, hoping for that ever elusive stamp of approval.

That stamp comes of course from the audience that pays to see them on the silver screen. That is the great unknown, the group of people that WWE Superstars have historically had a very difficult time reaching. For most non-fans, a pro wrestler in a movie is the equivalent of a blind monkey attempting to understand nuclear physics.

Hey, I didn’t say I thought that. Relax.

But one by one, all of the men listed above had a taste of success in Hollywood and each one made his mark; be it good, bad, or indifferent. So, the Hollywood connection has always been there and most of the time, it was hit and miss.

Then The Rock happened and the game changed forever.

Rocky tore down the wall that had separated WWE Superstars from big budget success for so long. Suddenly, there was every reason to believe that a guy from Vince McMahon’s company could hit the big time and make a lot of money doing it.

Of course, The Rock’s success was not guaranteed and it took quite a while for all of the pieces to fall into place. But when they did, The Great One’s movie career took off. Now, he’s a household name. The Rock made it.

But we know all this. It’s old news. What about Batista‘s movie career?

Never thought I would be asking that question, I have to be honest. I mean, did anyone see this coming? Back when big Dave decided he was done with WWE, most fans likely didn’t care very much. The guy had gained the reputation of being a crybaby, as someone that was upset Triple H was being used in Hollywood and he wasn’t.

The Animal had big dreams but for most fans, they were more like delusions of grandeur.

But Marvel Studios came calling and Batista answered. Guardians of the Galaxy has likely changed Batista’s life from this point on. He is no longer the former WWE Superstar hoping that something good will happen for him. He is now one of the hottest newcomers in Hollywood and he can only go up from here.

He’s landed a role as the heavy in Robert De Niro’s latest film Bus 657. And he’s reportedly also up for a lead antagonist role in the newest installment of the James Bond franchise. It definitely seems as though Batista is on his way to major notoriety in Hollywood.

And truth be told, he should be. The fact is Guardians was good. It was very good. And Batista’s turn as Drax was more then memorable; it was impressive. This was not a role that required Batista to just sit around and grunt some lame one-liners while the crowd laughed at his awkwardness.

[adinserter block=”2″]Drax is big and tough but also proud and tortured. He is a warrior but truly only wanted to live in peace. He will take on an army by himself and never flinch yet inside he is burdened with great sorrow. This is not your typical Schwarzenegger strongman, this is something much more. And Dave Batista nailed it.

So what are we looking at now? Is The Animal headed to the heights that The Rock has achieved? Will we be seeing Batista in one major role after another from now on? At age 45, is Dave Batista on his way to a second career and real relevancy in Hollywood?

Don’t bet against him, he will prove you wrong. And it still blows my mind.

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