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Batista To Have Big Roles In WWE Royal Rumble & WrestleMania 30

The Animal is back! The cat is out of the bag and big Dave Batista is heading back to the WWE. A new report indicates that the former WWE champion will have a big role in 2014 when he steps back into the WWE Universe.

[adinserter block=”1″]News broke over the weekend of house show advertisements plugging the return of Batista. Batista’s name has since been removed from several of those online advertisements. However, Batista’s name is still being used in radio advertisements so there is something to this. The news comes just days after Dave Meltzer reported that a return was imminent in a recent Wrestling Observer newsletter.

Meltzer expanded on the news on a recent podcast. Meltzer reports that the plans as of today are for Batista to return and win the 2014 Royal Rumble. Batista will receive a WWE world championship match with the win at WrestleMania. So your WrestleMania championship match will be Batista vs. Randy Orton for the championship.

I do wonder if things will change between now and the Rumble. The WWE can overreact when a surprise leaks and drastically change the plan, just to fool people that think they know what is going on. That said they have also stayed the course in similar situations when surprises or surprise matches leak. It would surprise me in this case if they changed plans although it wouldn’t shock me.

I have to give Batista a lot of credit. He could have come back earlier but he wanted to hold out for a big role and big money. Remember those reports about Batista being picked up at the airport last year and going to WrestleMania? There will probably never be a better time for Batista to negotiate a sweet deal with the company. It looks like he will get everything he wanted as far as his character and place on the cards.

I was a huge fan of Batista’s last run as a heel against John Cena. Quite frankly I think he was the last great heel the WWE has had in years. In interviews following his departure he indicated that he butted heads with Vince McMahon quite a bit during that run. I think it is great he is coming back but I am greatly disappointed it won’t be in the same heel character. A match with John Cena at Mania would have made perfect sense to me.

The Batista vs. Orton feud does nothing for me. If you thought you’ve seen Cena vs. Orton too many times, this one is just flat out overkill. None of their matches were ever particularly good and I can’t imagine their new series would be much different. I understand it because let’s be honest. Batista is not going to get booed when he comes back, at least initially. I would just like to see something different, even a new series with Triple H for that matter.

The babyface role does open up the option for a feud with Brock Lesnar which is where I think the big money will be. I’d look for that at SummerSlam barring a sudden babyface turn by Lesnar. I can’t think of anyone else left on the current roster to draw with Brock other than Batista for that spot.

[adinserter block=”2″]While this hasn’t been confirmed I don’t expect The Rock to be at WrestleMania, at least wrestling. I think what we will be seeing now is the WWE using some of that money and spending it elsewhere. Instead of investing in one huge star maybe they spread it out this year and invest in a few guys like Batista, Goldberg, and Hulk Hogan (some one-offs, some not). I just wouldn’t expect to see Dwayne Johnson in the ring this year although he could always do a quick appearance in front of the crowd or set up an angle for 2015.

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  1. I love Batista. That man was just getting awesome as a heel right before he left (gosh, I hate that. LOL) . Anyway, as a fan of his, I am happy he is returning, but I am not so sure I like him being put in a top spot. Sorry.

  2. Also to note. I had high hopes for Orton before I stopped watching. And he was so mediocre for so long, I stopped even caring about him. It wasnt until this Authority angle he even showed a glimpse of what I had been hoping for.

  3. I started watching again right before Summerslam. Not sure how many years I took off but I started watching in 89 and that was the only time I absolutely could not watch the product. Even during the ultra-slow transisition fromthe New Generation to the Attitude Era. I’ve seen more then enough wrestling to know that it goes in cycles and the cycle is trending upwards these days.

  4. I stopped watching the horrible WWE product right before Orton snd Batista starting winning titles so this is new to me. Plus Orton is finally performing like an Alpha Dog.


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