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Batista vs Triple H Revisited

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Batista said in a recent interview on Talk is Jericho that he would come back to WWE for one more run, if he could face Triple H, the man who made him a megastar. While WWE has not seemed interested in that storyline yet, the success of Guardians of The Galaxy 1 and 2, might change their minds.

Back in November 2014, it appeared that Triple H’s opponent at Wrestlemania would be Randy Orton. A jealous Triple H kicked Randy out of Evolution, after Randy won the World title at Summerslam, with Triple H winning the title back at Unforgiven. However, one night in November 2014 changed all that.

On November 22nd, 2014, Triple H and Batista had a falling out, Triple H, frustrated over having to defend his title that night, took his frustration out on Batista, saying that Batista would most likely lose his match that night against Chris Jericho.

Batista, frustrated over this, took it out on Jericho but, got disqualified. Batista later in the night seemingly attacked Triple H and later in the show would call him out to the ring. The crowd went wild, they really got behind Batista, more than anyone had expected. However, it all proved to be a ruse to get Triple H out of defending his title that night. All’s well that ends, well right? Not for Triple H, he couldn’t help himself and said one line which seemed to annoy Batista. When Tripe H revealed his evil plan, he mentioned to Batista “in all seriousness you still should’ve beat Jericho” Batista was not impressed and so the seeds were planted. WWE had stumbled upon its next top star.

Slowly but surely tension started to build with Triple H and Batista, week by week, Triple H was starting to feel paranoid that maybe Batista might be his next challenger. In the meantime, Triple H would face Randy Orton, who was meant to be his Wrestlemania opponent (don’t feel too sorry for Randy, he did get to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania that year).

By January 2015 tensions had really begun to increase. At New Year’s Revolution in an Elimination Chamber match, when it looked like Triple H could have saved Batista from elimination, Triple H just let him be pinned. Orton decided the best thing to do with this was to show the footage the next night on Raw, much to Batista’s frustration, but, he didn’t turn on Triple H, not yet.

By the Royal Rumble 05 it seemed a certainty that Batista would win the Rumble, well until he and John Cena almost messed up the finish, but ultimately Batista would win the Rumble and Triple H retained his title over Orton.

Triple H was on a collision course with Batista, he need to do something urgently. Teddy Long had approached Batista about coming to Smackdown and facing J.B.L and John Cena in a Triple Threat match for the World Title, Batista was forced to truly consider this when he was almost run over by J.B.L’s car, only for his knight in shining armour, Triple H, to save him.

However, on the night of Batista’s decision as to which brand’s champion that he would face, Batista decided to turn up late and Triple H made a fatal mistake, he revealed to Ric Flair that it was him that organised the attempted hit and run, Batista overheard this in the back. Obviously, Batista turned up late to find out what Triple H was up to and obviously Triple H didn’t see that camera in his face or that the door was wide open! When in the ring with Batista, Triple H, and Ric put their thumbs up when Batista suggested he would go to Smackdown, he put the thumbs down and Batista bombed Triple H through a table, his full focus on defeating Triple H at Wrestlemania.
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Come Wrestlemania, Batista won the match and their two subsequent rematches. Triple H made Batista look like a star and as a result he became a true star. One would think after such a stellar storyline that Batista would be the star of WWE, but they went with John Cena and started to move to more of a PG product, not suited to Batista’s character. Batista would go on to lead Smackdown until he left in 2010 and made a brief return as Bluetista in 2014.

There is no doubt Batista vs Triple H is one of the greatest storylines ever, every week something would happen between them, with Batista growing increasingly weary of Triple H, as Triple H desperately clung onto his World Title. If time is taken in a storyline it can do wonders and big ratings!

Not content to just be a star in the squared circle, Batista left, went to Hollywood, slowly but surely made a name for himself and eventually got the key role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Batista is an interesting one, not meant to be the star of Evolution, he became the star. Not meant to make it in Hollywood, he has been the scene stealing star of the show in Guardians. Does Batista need to come back to WWE? No, but he wants to. Is there more of a story to tell with he and Triple H? Perhaps there is, after all Triple H never did defeat him. If WWE is looking to increase ratings, then Batista is their man.

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