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Batista Rumored To Return At WWE WrestleMania 28

Batista wants to return to the WWEThe WrestleMania 28 rumors continue to swirl and the latest gossip involves the return of a former WWE champion. Reports indicate that Dave Batista is in Miami and all signs point to an appearance by the Animal this Sunday night.

Dave Meltzer confirmed the rumors on his F4Wonline.com Friday night. According to Meltzer, Batista was picked up by WWE officials in Miami. Meltzer says that the WWE transportation all but confirms that big Dave is in town for business and not pleasure.

The news is just the latest in several rumors about Sunday’s big pay per view event which includes a possible return by former WWE and UFC champion Brock Lesnar. While WrestleMania surprises aren’t a regular occurrence, I can’t seem to recall a WrestleMania that would include multiple big surprises such as a possible Lesnar and Batista dual return.

Batista left the WWE in May of 2010 after a lengthy feud with John Cena. In my opinion, Batsita was the best heel in the business during this run and maybe the best heel in years. I was never a big fan, but loved his promos and character during the program. Quite frankly I can’t remember a guy leaving the WWE with more momentum at the time than the animal.

Batista has been critical of the WWE since his absence. Batista has expressed several times that he isn’t a fan of the PG content. Batista also expressed concerns about how he would fit in such a toned down environment. At the same time, he never closed the door on a return.

Back in June of 2011 Batista did a lengthy interview for F4Wonline.com. In the interview, Batista told Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez that he wanted to return to the WWE at some point for one final run. At 43-years old, I would have to think that this would be the final run for the Animal. Things have changed and the WWE has really turned into a young man’s game.

So how would Batista fit in to the WWE? I think an obvious spot would be to see him get involved in one of the two main-events. He left in the midst of a feud with John Cena, so a run-in during the main-event makes a lot of sense to me. He also has a lengthy history with both Triple H and The Undertaker. There was talk a few years back of another Batista vs. Triple H feud so maybe that is the direction they go with the former champion.

The Batista and Lesnar rumors are a sign to me that the WWE is entering panic mode. The RAW ratings are way down as compared to past WrestleMania seasons. The pay per view buyrates are down and efforts to push new guys like CM Punk haven’t done a thing for business. The Vince McMahon playbook in the past has been to bring back past stars when times are tough. In other words, times are tough.

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