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Batista, Lesnar, Need to be Long-Range WWE Solutions

Although there is undeniable appeal to the idea of Batista and Brock Lesnar becoming key players in the WWE this new year, I wouldn’t immediately jump on the bandwagon for either of them to hold company gold anytime soon.

[adinserter block=”1″]A change in the norm, which would be more like something actually making sense in the WWE would throw the entire applecart out of whack, and well, that just isn’t their style.

The idea of a potential (and this is speculative) Lesnar/Batista feud would impact the WWE in so many great ways, but it would also take the attention away from CM Punk, Randy Orton and John Cena, which could backfire on the company. Punk needs another run toward the title and if (he should) win the Royal Rumble, I would be curious how a Punk/Orton feud would travel through WWE circles for four months. Wouldn’t a Batista/Orton or Lesnar/Orton feud be more compelling right now – as a change of the guard within The Authority?

I am not sure how the WWE and Triple H, for that matter, want these new storylines to play out. The Authority is the new Wolf Pac of sorts in the company and could now have a solid run if the left turn is taken and the Batista/Orton angle is examined. But, in the wind Lesnar and Punk would twist – along with Cena, who might finally be relenting a bit and will take more of a role as a background wrestler, fighting the good fight for the WWE against it “evil empire.”

The problem with the addition of these two wrestlers is the fact they are part time accessories and may not be around the company after WrestleMania. Can the company afford to build them up as part of the future and then pull the “football” away from the fans who support them?

Also, what happens with the wrestlers like Damien Sandow (who I would love to see in a program with CM Punk), Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler? The new members of the pack cause those who should be getting a push to stumble a bit.

Here are some other thoughts on this new “change” in the WWE…

What happens at the Royal Rumble?

Will Batista and Lesnar be in the battle royal? Will they face each other? And if they are in the battle royal, it will take an act of congress and about 300 other wrestlers to put either one over the top rope. How will this work with a Randy Orton win in the main event?

Is this the end of the middle weights winning WWE gold?

Possibly for a while. Vince McMahon prided himself on living by the edict that bigger, stronger wrestlers were in line to be WWF/WWE champions. That holds true for Lesnar, Batista, Orton, Cena, Kane etc. Punk, Sandow, Daniel Bryan and others immediately are eliminated form the equation. The fans really take to the idea of the smaller champions – maybe because they can relate more to the performers who are their size.

A temporary solution

While the addition of Lesnar and Batista are great for the here and now, what happens in the company after WrestleMania? Can the WWE see that far in advance to make sure the fallout from losing one or both of these competitors is not significant to the point fans run away?

In this case, losing a large (yes pun intended) part of the new angle in the company would be more detrimental than anything else. The best thing about Lesnar is he could always leave and his mouthpiece would still be there in the form of Paul Heyman. But with Batista, The Authority would have to do the talking for him.

[adinserter block=”2″]It is a slippery slope the WWE had better explore significantly.

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