Batista Injured Again At WWE Extreme Rules


batistaThe most brittle wrestler in the WWE is once again on injured reserve. It is being reported that Batista tore his triceps at WWE Extreme Rules. The injury comes just two months after Batista returned to WWE action from his last of many injuries.

Batista’s injury history makes Mr. Kennedy look like Cal Ripken. For a man as huge as Batista is, he is one of the most injury-prone wrestlers in WWE history. I can’t recall anyone ever missing as much time due to injury as Batista has in his short career.

At 40 years old, Batista is one of the oldest full-time wrestlers. Batista got a late start in pro wrestling by wrestling years. Batista entered the WWE seven years ago, and hit his peak three years later. At 36 years old, it was only a matter of time before the shock of a top WWE star’s schedule hit Batista hard.

[adinserter block=”1″]Injuries are nothing new to Big Dave. According to my list, Batista has had five major injuries since entering the WWE. The majority of Batista’s injuries have been muscle tares. At 40 years old with such a freakish physique, accusations of steroids have haunted Batista for years. The number of muscle tears he has undergone only seems to support these speculations.

Batista was accused of anabolic steroid use in 2007 by an ESPN article. Batista vehemently denied the accusations. Batista was never suspended for these accusations which seem to backup his arguments of bad journalism.

However, muscle tearing is common among steroid abusers. The muscles become less flexible due to the amount of abnormal stretching. I think it is fair to say when someone tears their hamstring and triceps within a nine month span that something isn’t right. I am not accusing anyone of anything, but look at the evidence and draw your own conclusion.

It has almost gotten to the point where this is becoming embarrassing. Batista came back in April after tearing his hamstring. Up until recently he looked like he could barely walk out there. Two months and one day later, the guy once again tears another muscle in a big match.

The tear allegedly came last night in his Steel Cage Match against Randy Orton. Batista defeated Orton to become WWE world champion. The injury will immediately cause the WWE to change up its plans. I would suspect that Triple H will return as early as tonight to step into Batista’s open spot.

[adinserter block=”2″]Mr. Kennedy who was fired last week after suffering numerous injuries, wrote on his Twitter page about Batista. “I know everyone’s saying stuff about Batista, but I gotta say that he’s one of the best guys in the locker room,” Kennedy wrote. “No ego, always trying to help.”

I don’t know what the WWE does at this point. Batista’s contract is up next year. He is a much bigger star than Mr. Kennedy was and he doesn’t have the rep for hurting others that Kennedy had. However, how do you do anything substantial with a guy that is always hurt? The confidence in Batista is likely at an all-time low by WWE officials.

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