Awesome Kong Sues Bubba The Love Sponge


Bubba The Love SpongeI have to say that when I first saw the news, I had to read it twice to see if I was really reading that Awesome Kong is suing Bubba the Love Sponge over a phone call. I couldn’t imagine that the same woman who proudly punched and physically attacked Bubba the Love Sponge was now suing him over a verbal assault. If you ever wanted to know what was wrong with the legal system in this country, take a look at this case and you will want to bang your head against your local politician’s wall.

The gist of the case is that Kong alleges that Bubba called her live on his Bubba the Love Sponge Show. Kong alleges that Bubba that used racial remarks and threatened to “sucker punch her until she stops breathing.” Kong attempted to retrieve the phone number from AT & T records. However, AT & T has refused to release that information. She has filed a lawsuit against AT & T.

Bubba has responded through his publicist and vehemently denies all of Kong’s allegations. I received the following from Bubba’s publicist…

[adinserter block=”1″]”This morning I was made aware of allegations made in a petition for full bill of discovery by Ms. Kia Stevens, a professional wrestler with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The allegations in this petition are one hundred percent false. To be clear; everything contained in this petition is not true. Ms. Stevens attributing outrageous racist statements and physical threats to me is disgusting.”

“We can prove without any doubt the allegations made in this petition are false. First Ms. Stevens claims that she was called on the air, at 5:08 AM on February 10th, we are not even on the air until 6 AM Eastern time. We have phone records and eye witnesses that account for my every movement that day from 4:50 AM forward. No call was made to Ms. Stevens at all.”

“We will be pursuing all legal remedies available to us in the State of Florida to fight these deliberately malicious allegations.”

This is now bordering from the absurd to the absolute ridiculous. In no way do I condone calling someone and threatening them, but Kong really should have done her homework before she wasted tax dollars on such a ridiculous lawsuit. Unless I am missing something here, this one seems like an open and shut case. The unfortunate part about fame is that you will receive attention, and unfortunately prank calls from fans are a part of it. I know with 100% certainty that a common practice amongst some TNA wrestlers is to sit in the locker room and prank call other pro wrestlers (specifically the Iron Sheik). Some of those calls are light in fun, although some have gotten a bit hairy. Most of the other TNA wrestlers just sit around and laugh or even get in on the fun. A threat is a totally different ballgame, but this seems more like a reason to just drag Bubba’s name through the mud than anything else.

Once again, the irony here is that you have a woman suing someone for verbal assault after she physically assaulted him. Bubba could have (and he may now) easily filed charges against her, but instead he just let it go. This all stems from comments that Bubba made on his radio show that Kong didn’t like. What’s next? Is she going to stalk out Howard Stern for playing his infamous call from a Haitian woman years ago?

[adinserter block=”2″]For some reason or another, Bubba has become public enemy #1 by pro wrestling fans. I really don’t understand it. Bubba is a guy that has probably given more support and publicity to pro wrestlers and pro wrestling more on his radio show than any other syndicated morning radio host. The hate and vitriol he has received over the last several weeks is just ridiculous to me. It is also about more than his controversial remarks because he has been a target of a high level criticism amongst pro wrestling fans long before the controversy.

Seriously, this just needs to end. Since when did pro wrestlers become so sensitive about a remark a talk radio host made on his radio show that has been completely taken out of context? Many successful pro wrestling veterans have told me that you need a thick skin to be in this business, and honestly most of them have that. Now that this has crossed over into a legal matter where she seems more intent on costing this guy his livelihood than putting matters to rest, it really is time for someone else whether it is TNA or a countersuit to step in and put this insanity to rest. The economy is already in shambles. The last thing it needs is for a state to pay one cent towards something as frivolous as this.

For complete details on the case, check it out at

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  1. Normally EG I would agree with u BUT Bubba Sponge had it comin. For someone so in love with the business, he has been way too vocal and nasty. Whether its because he has carte blanche with Hogan, he thinks he untouchable who knows.

    But his comments on Kong, Dixie, TNA inner workings on his radio show is out of control. If anyone in the WWE spoke out the way Bubba had on TNA would be out of a job yet Bubba is still there spewing business out on front street.

    A good chunk of the blame falls on Dixie's doorstep for not getting her house in order and allowing the madness to continue. for a company trying to nip at the heels of the E, their doin a lousy job in more ways than 1

    • Binky – I won't agree or disagree but all of that really doesn't has anything to do with this lawsuit. If you take all of that away, I think it is really sad that this thing even has the potential to go to court. I think it is rather ridiculous that she would file a lawsuit over this.

      Keep in mind if it is proven that he indeed did make the call, that's another story. But it doesn't add up one bit.


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