TNA Wrestler Attacks Bubba The Love Sponge


Bubba The Love SpongeThe hits just keep coming in TNA Wrestling. Radio personality and Hulk Hogan’s BFF, Bubba the Love Sponge was reportedly attacked by TNA female pro wrestler Awesome Kong in the locker room at the TNA Impact tapings. Bubba’s comments on Twitter about the Haiti disaster sparked the rather large giant of a woman to attack and punch the radio personality.

The news comes two weeks after Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff officially took over the company. As part of the new change in direction, Bubba was hired to replace TNA interviewer Jeremy Borash on backstage interviews. The relationship between Bubba and TNA has been anything but smooth since the hiring. The latest turn of events is something that was likely inevitable if you follow Bubba or his recent comments about TNA.

It all started after the Haiti disaster when Bubba the Love Sponge wrote on his Twitter, “f*ck Haiti.” Bubba then went on a rant about the country using all of these supplies and money on Haiti while there are plenty of problems in America. Bubba also suggested that instead of giving money to Haiti that people donate to local Big Brothers and Big Sisters chapters. The comments immediately got him heat with the company and he was told by TNA not to come to work.

[adinserter block=”1″]”Was suppose to be at the prod meeting @11 they called and said not 2 come??? This is all because of my Haiti comments Sorry people can’t handle the truth. And what does my Haiti comments have to do with tna wrestling. I didn’t say them on dixies air. I don’t think tna is ready 4someone like me. I shoot hard from the hip and ms Carter (although i have a ton of respect 4her) has never had a guy that is as outrageous as I am and has a nationwide delevery [sic] method. So right now I would describe our relationship like oil and water. And it’s not good. “I just don’t understand how I can b in trouble for my opinon,” wrote BTLS.

Bubba did wind up going to the tapings Monday night in Orlando.This is where the fight went down with BTLS and Kong. Kong has been active trying to raise money for relief in Haiti. Somehow or another, the two wound up getting into it with the 5’7, 270 pound wrestler punching Bubba. Both Bubba and Awesome Kong were sent home from the tapings following the incident.

I checked out Bubba’s show to hear if he would comment on the fight. He didn’t until Hulk Hogan called into the show. Hogan seemed to have a good time poking fun at Bubba for getting punched. Bubba then claimed it was a sucker punch. Hogan continued to ride him and said that Bubba ran out of the locker room screaming as he was getting beaten up by Kong. Bubba then responded that he would get his attorney involved if he could get his hands on a video tape. Hogan then tried to change gears and calm him down but Bubba didn’t seem amused in the least.

Honestly, by all accounts it sounds like Bubba was in a real tough spot. What is he supposed to do when Awesome Kong is attacking him? He would get pummeled by the guys in the TNA locker room if he hit her back. If he just sits there and takes it, he got beat up by a woman. There really is no good option for Bubba in that situation other than to do what Hogan said he did, and that was run.

Bubba had been a big TNA supporter on his show for years until the two sides had a falling out last year. Someone called into his show and revealed that Kurt Angle’s ex-wife and Jeff Jarrett were living together. Immediately TNA canceled an appearance by Matt Morgan later that morning on his show. Bubba got hot and had some choice words for Dixie Carter and TNA after the incident.

Everything seemed smoothed out when Hogan came on board. Bubba went out of his way to promote TNA and speak well of Dixie. Hogan even got Bubba a gig as a backstage interviewer. However, it did not go well according to Bubba. The day after his TNA debut, Bubba was critical of the company and claimed that he was promised a different kind of a role in the company. He thought that he would be conducting more shoot-style promos rather than scripted promos. Bubba talked at that point about his future being in doubt with TNA. It sounded to me at that time that he was done, but apparently the two were trying to work things out.

[adinserter block=”2″]I have to put all of the blame here on TNA. Bubba is a radio personality and gives his opinions for a living. Nobody has to agree with what he says, but he should be allowed to say whatever he wants. Anyone in TNA Wrestling could tune into his radio show for five minutes and know that the guy was outspoken and a bit of a loose cannon. Kong attacked Bubba because she felt she could get away with it. That may have flied with someone with a pro wrestling background but Bubba is a radio personality doing this part time. In 2010, TNA can’t just let their wrestlers attack someone for something said that they didn’t agree. It’s just a different time.

I have seen many incidents like this over my years in pro wrestling. There have been many guys like Bubba that say things that get them in trouble. It isn’t because they are bad guys but it is because they just don’t understand. I have seen many wrestlers take authority into their own hands and slap someone around for it. The big difference there is that the person that was slapped around was so hungry to have a pro wrestling career that they took their lumps and kept quiet, out of fear of being blackballed. This is a part time gig for Bubba so his tolerance for getting punched by another wrestler is going to be a lot less than someone else.

There were reports a few weeks back of Awesome Kong having words with Lacey Von Erich over a mistake she made. It is one thing for her to approach people as a leader, but it is another thing to do it as a bully. Reportedly there were no ramifications for this, so the fact that Kong did it again at another level doesn’t surprise me. The bad news here for Kong is that she attacked the best friend of her boss.

At the same time, Hulk Hogan seemed to be laughing it off when he called into Bubba’s show. Up until that point I thought Kong was done.It sounded like Hogan just chalked it up to “wrestlers just being wrestlers,” and is likely going to let it go. At this point it looks like that is the attitude the company will be taking and Awesome Kong may have dodged a huge bullet there.

I think that attacking someone verbally or physically because they disagree with your viewpoint is just being a bully. Sure, at 270 plus pounds I highly doubt Kong has been bullied in years so maybe she just doesn’t get it. I can appreciate her passion for Haiti, but is it really worth walking up to someone that is a complete stranger and punching them in the mouth? As much as I’d be disappointed not seeing Awesome Kong in TNA Wrestling anymore, I don’t think this is something that can just be swept under the rug.

On the flip side, I find it almost comical that TNA’s best storylines are happening out of the ring. Forget about watching TNA Impact just follow these guys and girls on Twitter. Heck, I get more information about TNA Wrestling from Dixie Carter’s Twitter account than I do by watching the shows.

BTLS vs. Awesome Kong, six sides of steel, let’s make it happen TNA!

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  1. I agree with Bubba "F#$# Haiti", we have enough problems hear, were in debt trying to help everyone but ourselves. I doubt other countrys would help us if we were in the same situation. It was tragic, but the US shouldnt be world police or saviors.

  2. Bubba is an ass, I can't stand his show and the only reason he is on tna is Hulk
    they are cell mates, kinda creepy i think, I listened to him but he has almost no talent
    now he does 1 day on Sirius and the rest are lame on air sports crap, go away

  3. Dixie had a real good promotion going until she hired Hogan and Bischoff. They are the two biggest SCUM bags in the business. When you hire SCUM bags more SCUM bags follow,namely Bubba the love SCUM!!! He should be fired and banned from T.V. He calls himself a shock jock when in reality he is nothing but white trailer park trash and a racist.Any piece of crap that would run his mouth about the death and suffering of thousands of people will rot in hell. Give Awesome Kong a medal. You go girl !!! If Dixie continues to let these three bozos run the show,the show will implode. I have a feeling that my days of watching TNA and buying their pay per views are over !! my hard earned money will now go to UFC ppvs.

  4. What Bubba said about Haiti was inexcusable. TNA should have fired him immediately. And I don't see how Kong hurt her career here. Bubba had it coming, and no promoter prizes wrestlers for maturity.

  5. not being from the states i have no clue who this bubba guy is supposed to be. i saw him first on tna januari 4th, and tbh i didnt get who he was. he has no talent as an interviewer, and seems to be one of those guys that tries to compensate for his lack of skills by trying to be as shocking as possible. i think its hilarious he got beat by Kong, serves him right. he has every right to say whatever he wants, he also has every responsibility to deal with the consequences of what he says. suck it up bubba. you got beat by a chick, now go back to that radio show you apparently have.

  6. On one hand if its a angle, as usual tasteless garbage.

    On the other if its a shoot, while the pig did deserve it. Attacking someone unprovoked, wrong. Yet bashing a country with a devistating loss of life for shock value, more tasteless. He can't hide behind hogan and he got knocked the F out. Welcome to wrestlin Bubba.


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