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Who’s behind the August 1st Warning in TNA Wrestling?

[adinserter block=”1″]The Internet Wrestling Community is a buzz with all the speculation surrounding the August 1st warning, or TNA would at least hope that this statement was true. Since Friday, TNA has posted four videos on their official TNA YouTube channel which can be seen here. TNA continues to say that they don’t endorse the content of the videos and that more information on this will be available.

In attempts to raise their YouTube views they promoted that they would reveal a hint as to who is behind this, once the video reaches 250,000 views. As of this writing the video has 206,276 views. So if I estimate about right we may get a hint before Impact later tonight but if it’s that close than I wouldn’t be expecting it. TNA would more than likely save the big reveal for tonight’s show. In writing this piece I hope to give you a couple names to expect, maybe make some readers laugh and allow everyone to take a guess.

There has been a lot of talk about who this mystery man behind this warning could actually be. Fans were guessing who was behind it since the first video surfaced Friday. Several TNA stars have since commented on the video. It has people outside of TNA buzzing as well. CM Punk’s best buddy and former ROH superstar Colt Cabana recently was getting a lot of questions on Twitter about being behind this video. Colt Cabana ended all discussions when he tweeted, “NO IT’S NOT F*CKING ME”. I never once thought of Colt Cabana but who knows the way the names that are possibilities TNA could have went with Cabana and it would have been a lot better. A lot of WWE recent future endeavors are being heard through a lot of people’s speculations. Names like John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, Batista, Goldberg, former NXT winner Kaval also known as Low Ki or Senshi, Chris Jericho and Hardcore Holly.

John Morrison is a real possibility to me because the mystery man references Dave Bautista and says that he’s a great fighter but if they would get in a fight he would win. John Morrison and Batista’s issues and turmoil are well documented and can be found with a simple Google search so I’m not going to get into that. The silhouette doesn’t look like John Morrison or sound like him but who says that was the point of the silhouette. The silhouette closely resembles Hardcore Holly but who knows TNA could be trolling us by making us think Holly because of the resemblance. The voice that the mystery man is obviously Hogan’s voice so they could be using the same idea with the silhouette. Shelton Benjamin would be a great sign for TNA and would make a lot of people forget about TNA’s failures in the last couple weeks. I’ve been calling for TNA to make this sign many moons ago and maybe this time they listened. The fact they had the mystery man say he would win in a fight with Batista and the mystery man actually being Benjamin is laughable at best.

So with the thought of the Batista threat many people jumped to the conclusion that it was either Batista himself or Goldberg. Now Batista went on record many a times to say that he will always be a WWE guy. Yeah right, when the money is good and it’s less work ask Ric Flair and Kurt Angle. Both of whom were supposed to be WWE guys. Goldberg is way too old and I don’t see him as being entertaining anymore, let alone him wanting to work for Hogan again. Actually I just described 90 percent of the TNA roster so yeah Goldberg is a good fit. Speaking of former WWE guys, Chris Jericho has been thrown around a lot. I personally would be devastated if Y2J jumps ship to TNA. Everything he has earned in the WWE and all the admiration of all his fans would be for not. Chris Jericho better stick with Fozzy, please Jericho. They mention Jericho, Goldberg, Batista either to dismiss these names or to get people to stop thinking its them just to surprise the fans when it is actually one of these names.

Hardcore Holly has stated that it wasn’t him behind the videos but really when has any wrestler told the truth when it comes to things like this. Hardcore Holly would be a major disappointment, I don’t hate the guy but really what does he have to offer TNA. This would be equal to the massive hype that TNA gave Chavo when he was arriving. Chavo’s no Eddie and Hardcore Holly is no main eventer either. Two former TNA names are being thrown around too, Jeff Jarrett being one and Tyson Tomko being the other. Jeff Jarrett has the ego to say that he could beat up Batista and actually mean it. Jeff Jarrett has been looking for a way back on TV for a while as well so he’s the most likely option right now. The mystery man said that he had a problem with TNA and well I can think of a million things that Jeff Jarrett can find to hate about the show. Tyson Tomko brings nothing to TNA so I see no point in bringing him back either.

Another name I’ve heard is former NWA Champion and former participant on TNA Gutcheck, Adam Pearce. Pearce is the most logical guess because he’s been making references to August 1st on his official Twitter account since Friday, the day the first video was uploaded. Pearce tweeting about August 1st and the video coming out the same day could be a weird coincidence but it’s possible the mystery man could be him. I’ve read that his time with TNA during the Gutcheck segments was fine and he left the company with the door wide open for a return to TNA. So don’t be surprised to see that Adam Pearce is behind these videos. As far as Low Ki, he stopped taking bookings and claims to be retired. Did he do these things just for a return to TNA?

There’s two ways this mystery man is going to go. It’s either going to live up to the hype and deliver a big name like Goldberg, John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin or Chris Jericho. A big name reveal like these guys would overshadow the God awful Main Event Mafia and Ace’s and Eight’s angle. The second way is that it will be a major disappointment and the big name reveal like say Low Ki, Holly or Pearce will fade to the back of TNA’s landscape. It’s weird for TNA to be doing this angle right now during the middle of a jam packed show full of storylines. Main Event Mafia and the Ace’s take up eighty percent of the show as it is. TNA is playing this up like its going to change the landscape of TNA, we shall see.

Eric Bischoff added to the speculation on his official twitter when he tweeted, “4am and on my way to Whichita Falls Texas for Impact! #August1warning better be able to “walk the talk”. Texas is the wrong place not to.” I am excited (I hope I don’t get disappointed) to see the big reveal tonight or lack of the word big possibly. Tonight, TNA is broadcasting Impact Wrestling Live from Whichita Falls, Texas and TNA promises we’ll have the identity of the person behind these videos revealed. Camel Clutch Blog will have the coverage of tonight’s show so make sure you check it Impact Live out and come right back here for the reaction.

[adinserter block=”2″]Now it’s all on you, the readers! Who do you think is behind the videos? Am I correct on my assumptions or am I way off, let me know! Will you be watching or is this just another program TNA is going to fall flat on their face with? Use the comment section below to tell me and I’ll be active all night. Can’t wait to discuss this will all of you.

Brandon Sampson currently blogs for about Wrestling and does the weekly Monday Night Raw recap and reaction. Brandon can be found on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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  1. Ok, to me it was a bust, Shelton Benjamin would’ve been sooo much better, I’m sure. Tito Ortez, meh, but its ok, idk what this holds fir future of tna, but its gettin… slightly less interesting, but they’ve got sum good wrestlers, I’m hoping they get it in gear an get some writers with some good ideas, cause their lacking right now


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