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Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 12 Release Date And Time

It’s the end of an era.

** Spoiler Warning **

Attack on Titan aka Shingeki no Kyojin has been a part of childhood for most of us. A story that started back in 2013 is finally wrapping up after almost a decade but felt like an eternity. You can’t tell me you watched all of it all these years and still did not get attached to at least one of the characters. We shared happy and sad moments with our favorite characters and it is finally time to say goodbye, well of course IF they are alive by the end.

The last episode of Attack on Titan season 4 will also be the last episode of the anime and despite all the delay it is finally here. And the real ones know it was worth the wait, with how much the animators at Mappa Studios are overworked.

Here is everything we know about the final episode:

The Story So Far

In the previous episode, former enemies become allies for the one final mission to stop Eren in his tracks. And let me tell you, it is one hell of a dream team that almost seems impossible to stop if they were in their prime but now, they are tired as hell.

They score a major win against Floch and his soldiers and escape on the ship carrying the airship and make their way to service it on another pier. However, the victory came with a huge loss and we lost two important commanders who stayed back to make sure nobody followed the team.

The team now slowly and steadily makes their way to stop Eren who is hellbent on destroying the rest of humanity on his twisted mission of achieving freedom. The last episode will show us if the team manages to stop the all-powerful Eren who is basically invincible.

Release Date

Funimation shared a tweet on Twitter that revealed the first look at the final episode of the season and the show in the form of a trailer. The final episode is scheduled to release on 3 April and the following is the time of release for different timezones:

  • Pacific Time: 12:45 PM PT (April 3)
  • Central Time: 02:45 PM CT (April 3)
  • Eastern Time: 03:45 PM EST (April 3)
  • British Time: 08:45 PM GMT (April 3)
  • Indian Time: 02:15 AM IST (April 4)
  • Australian Time: 08:00 AM AEDT (April 4)

How to Watch?

The last episode will be released on multiple OTT platforms like Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. In Japan, it will stream on MBS and NHK General TV. You can also stream it on Toonami if you have a cable connection. Or if you want to watch it now, then read the manga folks.

Although this is the last episode of the show, there is a possibility that the final fight between the Scouts and Eren will be made into a movie. And there is no official announcement if there will be a sequel or a spin-off series of the show yet.

Are you excited about the final episode? Let us know in the comments!



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