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Assembling the Materials for a Homemade Halloween Costume

Homemade Halloween CostumesSome people think that the wearing of a mask allows them to say that they have donned a Halloween costume. A good costume requires more than a mask. In fact, a small child should not be asked to wear a mask. A very young child can become quite frightened by seeing any face disappear behind a mask.

If you are going to go trick or treating with a small child, you can both look scary, even if neither of you puts on a mask. This article should help you to put together the materials that you will need, in order to create a scary-looking, but not too frightening Halloween costume.

[adinserter block=”1″]First, you might begin by purchasing some “creepy cloth.” Creepy cloth normally comes in either black or gray. If you do not want to pay for something that you will use only once, you can try creating your own creepy cloth.

In order to make creepy cloth, you need to get hold of some regular cheese cloth. Dye that cheese cloth so that it appears to be either black or gray. Next, use a knife or scissors to shred the dyed cloth. That shredded cloth is what you pay for in the store when you buy “creepy cloth.”

Of course, you are not going to look very scary if you go door to door wearing only a costume made of shredded cloth. Instead, you are liable to look more like a beggar. Therefore, if you want to create a mask free Halloween costume, you need to purchase something besides creepy cloth. The following paragraphs offer information on a couple items that can aid the creation of a scary, but mask free Halloween costume.

One of those items is green goo. Green goo looks very much like slime. You probably remember the slime that was left by some of the apparitions in the movie Ghostbusters. Others have memories of that movie, and they will appreciate the scary nature of any goo covered costume.

Another item that a costume creator needs to keep in mind is fake blood. The addition of fake blood to an outfit make of creepy cloth adds to scary nature of that outfit. This writer can attest to the effectiveness of a costume that has been decorated with fake blood. This writer once created a simple costume using fake blood and a few bandages. When she wore that costume to work, one of her co-workers thought that she had been in an accident.

A child should not be frightened by a costume with fake blood. A parent might want to refer to it as “pretend blood.” Children are experts at pretending; they can accept the reason for a Halloween costume with a red blood like liquid. When children get older, then they are ready to handle a costume that includes fake body parts as well.

[adinserter block=”2″]The above article was written by Sue Chehrenegar. Sue has written a number of holiday themed articles. Sue likes to make each holiday a “learning experience.” She thus develops her articles with that in mind. After getting a degree in biology, Sue used her research skills to expand her personal knowledge in the area of child development. She has her own blog at

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