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Ask Dixie Goes Horribly Wrong…Or Hilariously Right

It probably isn’t a good idea to hold a public Q & A session on Twitter when you are already perceived as a joke. Fortunately TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter didn’t get that memo and wrestling fans have been hammering Carter with a slew of hilarious and entertaining tweets.

In the face of one of the worst periods of publicity in TNA Wrestling company Dixie decided she wanted to get in front of that criticism on her favorite place, her Twitter page. Dixie asked fans to send her questions under the hashtag #AskDixie. Instead of the civilized Q &A she hoped for she wound up as the guest of honor in one of the funniest Twitter roasts you’ll ever read.

Here are just a few of the gems she received courtesy of #AskDixie.

#AskDixie Is it true a lot of mid-card wrestlers in TNA are considering living in North Korea, because they have a better human rights? – @TableofJapan

How awesome is it that you took TNA from # 2 to # 4 Company behind @ringofhonor & DGUSA? Congrats to you & @HulkHogan #askdixie – @stevesalomonsen

#AskDixie how much do you regret making this a thing? – @bdbdbdbd

With the territory system obviously dead, has Vince made Hogan/Bischoff/Yourself moles to kill any competition? #askdixie – @WrestlingDream

#AskDixie I can’t wait for your announcement announcing an upcoming announcement that will change the face of pro wrestling! – @itsallgoodacre

How much more money do you have to pay Hogan before his pockets truly becomes too heavy and sinks the TNA ship #askdixie – @JessMcDonald3

#AskDixie when will you reunite the greatest tag team in TNA history, New Jack and Shark Boy? – @Holtarna

#AskDixie @TNADixie Isn’t it pathetic and sad that @HulkHogan had to take a second job hocking his wares at a Beach Shop to pay his bills? – @jackieblue1981

@TNADixie if Sid Vicious broke his leg while main eventing a PPV would you fire him in the ring or wait until he was in the hosp? #askDixie – @mrh610

@TNADixie you know what’s really over in prowrestling @IMPACTWRESTLING literally it’s so OVER #AskDixie – @GRANTyouatweet

#AskDixie Do you think it’s legit that half of TNA budget goes into your makeup? – @ShowOff76

#AskDixie Have you watched Hogans sex tape – @R_Pas

#AskDixie IS TNA’s booking guide The Death of WCW? – @Mr_C_Hart

#AskDixie Is it true that most Iranians tried to write you in for President because they wanted another detached despot? – @SeventhGoldRain

How was it that you had a wrestler on the roster named Murphy for an entire year? #AskDixie – @GrappleFanPudge

#askDixie you made three stars last year with Aries, Roode and Storm. How did you mess that up so badly? – @SolidGoldCEO

#AskDixie How did Aces and Eights go from over two dozen guys to less than 10 with no explanation given? – @XDustinEFLX

#AskDixie Does TNA stand for Total Nonstop Absurdity? – @His_unholiness

#askdixie Is Jeff Gaylord out of jail? If he is sign him up! – @ShadyNattrass

#AskDixie Remember when you had Alex Shelley on your roster, and you killed his love of the business so badly he had to leave the country? – @imquitegood

#AskDixie Seriously thou, if ur hiring writers i have some wcw fan fiction I wrote in 1994. Just make me on screen GM and they’re yours. – @MarquesDeeClair

Are you surprised that sin caras lights are more over than your roster #askdixie – @TheBillyWeber99

#AskDixie You weren’t interested in bringing in Paul Heyman for a creative position, yet copy his business model of bouncing checks. Explain – @XDustinEFLX

#askDixie Remember when Impact’s slogan was wrestling matters. – @Alex_Danger13

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I guess you can just chalk this one up to the growing number of Dixie’s terrible ideas. The sad irony here is that the one strength Dixie has is supposed to be public relations and guess what? She can’t even do that right.

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