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‘As the World Turns’ Star Marnie Schulenburg Passes Away at 37

She spent her final moments with her daughter.

Actress Marnie Schulenburg who was popularly known for her roles in ‘As the World Turns’ and ‘One Life to Live’ has passed away. Marnie was 37 at the time of her death and was battling stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. According to her rep, Marnie passed away at the hospital she was admitted.

Marnie’s husband shared the news of her death on social media asking fans not to say that she lost to cancer because she was winning every day. Marnie has been battling cancer for two long years. She was allowed to go home on Mother’s day to spend the day with her daughter.

Here is everything we know so far:

Who Was Marnie Schulenburg?

Marnie, born on 21st May 1984 was an actress based in America. She was prominently known for her role as Alison Stewart in the popular soap opera on CBS called ‘As the World Turns’. Marnie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theatre from DeSales University in 2006 situated in Canter Valley, Pennsylvania.

She moved to New York in 2006 and joined the Dramatists Guild of America where she participated in play reading and also managed to participate in The Flux Theatre Ensemble. She married her 10-year boyfriend, Zack Robidas in 2013 and the two had a daughter Coda in 2019.

Marnie’s Death

Marnie revealed in 2020 May that she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. In an Instagram post, she shared her frustration during the pandemic where she said: “How does one celebrate a birthday after a stage four breast cancer diagnosis in the middle of a global pandemic while raising a 5-month-old?”

Marnie passed away at a hospital in Bloomfield, New Jersey on 17 May, just four days before her 38th birthday. Her husband shared the news of her death in a Facebook post where he said: “Please don’t say Marnie lost her battle to cancer, it’s simply not true. I watched her kick cancer’s ass every day since diagnosis.”

He also added: ‘She is incredible. We chose to attack her diagnosis with blind optimism. We only talked about the future and continued moving forward. I don’t know if this was right but it’s all we knew how to do”.

Marnie on Mother’s Day

Marnie was released on the Friday before May 8th however, she had to take an oxygen machine with her. She celebrated Mother’s day with her daughter and also shared a moving post on Instagram where she shared photos featuring her raising her daughter of age 2.

In the post, she said: “It’s not my ideal to be a 38-year-old Mom who needs an oxygen tank to survive right now. I want to be strong and beautiful for [Coda]. I want to show her how to move throughout this world with compassion, strength, vivacity, humor, and joy like my Mother showed me.”

Marnie is survived by her husband Zack and daughter Coda.



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