Sunday, May 22, 2022

As the Favre Turns

It didn’t take long did it? Less than a week after Brett Favre announces his retirement, he has scheduled a meeting with a new team. ESPN reports that the Minnesota Vikings will meet with Brett this week. So yes, it looks like Brett Favre is more interesting in revenge on the Green Bay Packers than preserving his NFL legacy.

I will at least give the New York Jets some credit. Brett Favre turned into a publicity nightmare for the Green Bay Packers last season. The Jets thought it would be best to clear their cap space rather than play the Favre game. Favre is a free agent and can play anywhere he wants for the first-time in his career.

Brad Childress is reportedly meeting with Brett at an undisclosed location. I just watched Rendition so I’d be careful if I were Brett. This comes months after the Vikings signed Sage Rosenfels to theoretically be the starter. With Tarvaris Jackson and Rosenfels already battling it out for the starting gig, the addition of Favre would be ridiculous at this point.

Brett’s bitterness towards the Green Bay Packers is well documented. At one point, Favre was even accused of calling the Lions and offering advice on how to beat the Packers. I understand that the guy wants to shove it down his old team’s throat. However, Favre would look foolish coming back if his season is anything like his last season with the Jets.

[adinserter block=”1″]I just don’t think at his age that Favre has it anymore. I wasn’t surprised when Favre came back and declined in skill last season. One thing that wasn’t much talked last year about was Favre’s 2007-08 offseason program. Favre went through a brutal offseason program which undoubtedly contributed to his terrific season. Even if Favre started preparing now, he would be well behind his 2007-08 offseason program. That season wasn’t a miracle season. Favre worked his behind off to achieve that level of success.

Favre’s legacy has already taken a huge hit. He was the darling of the league and the networks for years. For God’s sakes, the guy was awarded Sportsman of the Year in 2007 in mid-season. I just don’t know how much respect people will continue to have for someone so obsessed with beating his old team, he would mortgage his legacy to do it. I do think Brettt will be back in 2009.

Once that happens, the Madden countdown begins!

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