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‘As It Was’: Harry Styles Releases New Song from His Upcoming Album

Harry’s upcoming album is titled “Harry’s House”.

Harry Styles is back with new music after his surprise appearance in The Eternals. He announced that he will be releasing a new album soon which will be his third album and will be titled “Harry’s House”.


Harry recently gave us a first look at his latest album by releasing one single from the album. He released a music video along with the latest song titled “As It Was”. Let us talk about Harry’s latest song and upcoming album:

“As It Was”

“As It Was” has a track length of two minutes and 47 seconds and comes with a YouTube video on Harry’s official account. Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson, the longtime collaborators of Harry Styles helped produced this song.

The lyrics in the song seem personal this time and Harry mentions himself in his song in the third person. Some fans also speculated that the lyrics were a reference to Harry’s girlfriend Olivia Wilde. The song in itself is pretty catchy and easy to listen to with its upbeat synth-pop tune, however, the lyrics go on the melancholic side.

Some speculate that the lyrics mention the struggles Harry had with fame and how his life took a turn after he achieved stardom. The lines “Harry, you’re no good alone” carry a sense of isolation and loneliness.

Harry and Olivia were first seen dating in 2021 and a source also claimed that Harry was going to write a song about how he feels about Olivia in his upcoming songs but in a not so straightforward way. The source claimed: “He likes to keep his personal life private. But then again, he is in love, so maybe, he’ll surprise us with a song that’s all about his feelings for Olivia.”

However, Styles and Wilde have not officially confirmed their relationship but have been spotted together on numerous occasions since 2021.

The Direction

The music video for ‘As It Was’ was shot just last month in a collaboration with Tanu Muino, the Ukrainian Grammy-Nominated director in London. Tanu shared her happiness and excitement about working on this video and said: “Directing a Harry Styles video was a bucket list dream come true for me as he’s my favorite performer”.

She also added: “Shooting him was bittersweet as it was one of the happiest days of my life, but on the second day of the shoot, my country Ukraine was invaded so you can imagine the insane emotions we had while shooting. Me and my team from Ukraine poured so much love into this video and you can see it on screen. It will be a music video I will never forget and now I can happily retire.”

Harry’s newest album “Harry’s House” will drop on 20th May 2022, and will reportedly contain a total of 13 songs. So May is gonna be the month for Harry Styles fans!



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