Artie Lange Returning Soon to the Howard Stern Show

Artie LangeArtie Lange is returning to the Howard Stern Show. Or at least, he is trying. Baba Booey announced on this week on the Stern Show that Artie wants to come in. No date was set, but it looks like Baby Gorilla is coming home.

The Artie Lange story is an absolutely fascinating one. Artie got the career break of a lifetime filling the Jackie Chair and becoming a permanent sidekick to Howard Stern. Even the riches and fame weren’t enough to combat Lange’s drug and alcohol demons. Lange’s tenure on the Stern Show ended in December when he tried to commit suicide and hasn’t been in the public since.

I always had mixed feelings about Artie on the show. Some days I liked him and some days it just seemed they spent way too much time talking about Artie’s life. Ironically after Artie was long and gone, a few Stern staffers expressed those same sentiments on the air. Howard has never officially declared whether Artie had a job waiting for him or not, but I think it is a safe bet that he probably doesn’t.

It all started rather innocently on Wednesday’s Howard Stern Show. Baba Booey came into the studio and told Howard that he talked to Artie. He said that Artie wants to tell his story on the air. Stern questioned whether Artie was in condition to do this. Gary said he was, and Stern seemed more than interested. No date was given.

I never realized how much I missed Artie until a recent rash of Best of shows aired during numerous vacations. Howard takes a few weeks off in the summer and fills the time with compilation shows. There were a few shows on recently that featured Baby Gorilla at his finest. Whether you like him or not, it becomes obvious quick when you listen to those old shows how much Artie is missed.

The skeptic in me here wonders if this has anything to do with an upcoming Artie Lange movie. Artie Lange had a part in Serial Buddies which has yet to be released. I actually wrote on this topic a few months ago on the website. I pondered at the time that Artie’s return will probably have something to do with promotion for the movie. I still don’t see a release date for the movie, but if Artie comes in throwing out cheap plugs for movies and comedy shows, I think it could leave a bad taste in some Stern fan’s mouths.

Then again, does it really matter? Artie Lange was just as much a part of my morning for 8 years (well 7 ½ counting sick time) as is my daily cup of coffee. Regardless of the motivation, I am excited about the prospects of Artie Lange coming back on the show even if for a day. I don’t mind taking a journey back into the Artie Lange vortex if not for just one day.

They Call Me Baba Booey

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