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New Artie Lange Movie Coming Soon

Artie LangeIt has been almost five months since Howard Stern fans have heard from Artie Lange. The Howard Stern Show sidekick has been MIA since a violent suicide attempt several months ago. Howard Stern fans will soon get their Baby Gorilla back. A new Artie Lange movie is set for release sometime this year.

Serial Buddies is being called by some the “swan song” for Artie Lange. Long before filling the “Jackie Chair” and becoming a regular (well semi-regular if you count the sick days) fixture of the Howard Stern Show, Lange established himself as a Hollywood actor. Appearing in several movies and television shows, Lange’s biggest personal success came in 2006 when he starred in his own movie or as Sal Governale called it “a big piece of crap,” Beer League.

[adinserter block=”1″]The irony of writing this blog is that I sat down today to write a blog on the mysterious disappearance of Artie Lange. I was a bit surprised to come across the Serial Buddies movie. while searching for Artie Lange references. After repeatedly calling out sick and not showing up for work on the Howard Stern Show, Artie Lange was suspended by Sirius management in December. What followed was a collapse of mammoth proportions which culminated an Artie Lange suicide attempt. Artie Lange hasn’t been heard from since.

I think the biggest mystery of this story is the code of silence on the Howard Stern Show. I am sure this was a very traumatic situation for everyone that worked with Artie Lange on the show. The staff has remained mum on Artie Lange for the last few months. Not even the great Benicio Del Toro could get a straight answer out of Howard Stern. Howard Stern later went off (which for old-school Stern fans was great to hear) on a caller several weeks ago who complained about the lack of Artie Lange updates and accused the show of withholding information. Stern became enraged and ripped the caller apart, which was peculiar since the attack was unprovoked and callers have said a lot worse to Howard Stern on the air and received a lot less from the King of all Media.

The only extended conversation regarding Artie Lange was a cryptic conversation a few months back. The crew spoke briefly about paying Artie Lange a visit. It was quite sad what Howard and Robin Quivers revealed about their visit. They talked about Lange not necessarily being “with it,” and more or less just not being himself. I can only make assumptions from what the crew said, but they all seemed very down on the visit. It sounded like Artie Lange was on a lot of medication to keep him well. The crew also mentioned that Artie Lange’s family requested to keep his information private which is something that the show has done with great respect.

[adinserter block=”2″]While Artie Lange hit rock bottom with the suicide attempt, his struggles to remain sane were a daily topic on the Howard Stern Show. Lange was a recovering heroin addict who was very public about his ups and downs. If anything, Artie Lange was too open about his demons.

As an outsider, I think the fall of Artie Lange began with his memorable appearance on Joe Buck Live. I don’t know what Lange was going for, but if he expected a positive response he didn’t get it. Even Howard criticized Lange for the appearance. Up until that point it seemed as if Lange was in a great spot. It was shortly after that appearance that Lange started missing work and eventually fell into a dark hole.

It will be very interesting to see if Artie Lange is resurrected for movie promotion. I am sure that a big reason he got the part in Serial Buddies was the daily promotion the production company expected to get on the Howard Stern Show. It won’t be easy and if the timing isn’t right, I hope for the family of Artie Lange that he stays where he is and works on getting himself well. I was never a big fan of Artie Lange at all, but I would never wish harm on the man.

One thing is for sure. There is no way that the Artie Lange promotional tour doesn’t stop at Sirius satellite radio. How do the fans react? Will the fans be happy to see Lange back on his feet, cracking jokes, and telling hooker stories? Or, will fans turn Lange off after repeated second chances and resent Lange’s return to the spotlight as a cheap media ploy?

It shouldn’t take long to find out. Serial Buddies is in post production and expected to be released this year.

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  1. You know you can just say Artie and Stern show or the show once you've mentioned Artie's full name and The Howard Stern show was once… That's what most writers do because it's unnecessary and annoying to read the full name. Just a suggestion… You and that Howard Stern Examiner do that and it's really annoying.

  2. "Even Howard criticized Lange for the appearance."

    Howard didn't criticize Artie for his appearance on Joe Buck Live. He thought Artie was the funniest on that show and was very critical on other guests like Favre's boring segment. Howard didn't understand how Artie was offensive in his appearance, and he felt that Artie made Paul Rudd & Jason Sudeikis funny.

    • You're wrong Tony. Howard tread lightly when Artie asked him about the appearance. You should go back and listen to the show. Howard never outright said that the appearance was bad, but he did make some critical points to Artie.

  3. Interesting take that the Joe Buck Live appearance may have been the tipping point for Artie. It clearly was that Artie was out of control and out of touch with how he was coming off on that show. I'm sure it didn't help things, but my guess is it was something behind the scenes that sent him off the deep end … either that or the same unresolved conflict that has been fueling his madness all these years.


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