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TNA Wrestling Just Got Real With Aron Rex


Aron Rex blew the roof off TNA Wrestling on Thursday night. The debut of the company’s newest acquisition is just what this fledgling promotion needs. Now that WWE has taken steps to up its game by splitting brands and changing the landscape of a stale and often deserted business, the man once known as Damien Sandow is going to be the best thing to happen to Dixie Carter’s mistake since the company signed Ethan Carter III.

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By keeping it “real” the character played by Aron Haddad put everyone on the TNA roster and WWE on notice he plans to be the next big thing – and he should be. There is no wrestler who deserved more of a push than Haddad when he was a jobber and mid card exception for the McMahons. The new Aron Rex was truthful when he said some wrestlers are given opportunity after opportunity while others work hard and get nowhere. He didn’t have to name names. Anyone who has seen his promo from Thursday night and watched him toil for 14 years knows nothing was fair about the way WWE treated him.

Hopefully, things are about to change.

I am a fan of TNA. Have been for some time. As you all know, because I have preached it before, I grew up living on the old NWA, believed in the work of Jack Brisco and Terry Funk and thought Ric Flair was the baddest ass to ever get in a wrestling ring. Aron Haddad would have thrived in Florida with Eddie Graham or been a focal point in Jerry Jarrett’s operation in Memphis. Today, politics and a quick to get ahead rush held Haddad down.

That stranglehold has been released. I now pray Cody Rhodes can find his way to TNA and join his fellow tag team partner in helping to resurrect the deconstruction of a wrestling promotion.

Haddad pulled no punches and was able to speak from the heart as fans cheered his every word. It wasn’t a shoot like others in the past have done that rocked the business. It was personal in an impersonal way. And like so many who looked on, I felt adrenaline from his voice and his stance. It’s not hero worship – it’s professional wrestling.

I have never been a fan of the super heavyweight. I have never been a fan of Hulkamania and the cartoonish way performers are portrayed. There are circuses for that. Vince McMahon has had a way of ruining careers like that. Despite his success in the 1980s, Junkyard Dog is a prime example.

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If professional wrestling is about mirror imaging and reinventing itself over and over again, TNA may finally have gotten up off its ass Thursday night and became a promotion again. It has been building for some time with EC3, Mike Bennett, Drew Galloway and Lashley, but it needed a final push to get over. Enter Haddad. The Intellectual Savior of the Masses in the “other” promotion may have become the “wrestling” savior Carter has been looking for.

There is no more AJ Styles, no more Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe is waiting to explode up north. This is the dawning of a new age of TNA – where wrestling matters again. Haddad proved that in a seven minute “tirade” that made everyone happy to be a fan of men in tights. Now comes the hard part – preaching the change on a weekly basis while bringing the masses to a smaller scale. It’s not that hard. Smaller promotion, big name talent and a recipe for wrestling – not just talking about it. We all may be excited about the changes in WWE’s big top, but here in TNA, the action is about to get even hotter than the rest of the summer months.

Haddad or Aron Rex will have something to do about that. As long as he continues to keep it real and deliver on a nightly basis.

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